PvP Tournament!
Written by ipoodalittle

Hello everyone!

So this Friday's event is PvP Tournament! With the new PvP arena playing host to your deaths this week! Thank you to Aphrodiite_ and Illumination on the build, it's looking splendid! Now to business!

How to compete:

To compete, you'll join a coloured team. Teams will be made up of 4 - 5 members. There are 8 coloured teams.

Now, we do not mind randomizing members, however, given that this event will require some coordination between members, and we are hoping many will use teamspeak again, you may choose to your groups.

HOWEVER, should we need to, we will split teams up! So beware!

Once in your teams, you'll be given your coloured armour and directed to a specific area of the PvP arena.

Teams will vs one and another, with the winners of the rounds competiting against eachother, until one team is the victor. So if the first round is Pink vs Green and Blue vs Purple, and the winners are Green and Purple, they will advance to the next round and vs eachother.

In each round, the staff will select what weapons you use. They can range from swords all the way to pieces of pie, so don't think you've got this in the bag!

We will hold 3 touranment rounds, with the victor teams recieving prizes.

NO Magic Carpet

NO Flying

And just for you who read this post, here's the sneaky peak of the arena!

Love from your friendly pile 'o poo!

End of Post.