September Recap
Written by spleggeti

Hello there Fruitsters! Spleggeti here to bring you all the fantastic news and updates to what has occured during the month of September. So kick your seat back and get ready for some spooky news!

Pixelmon has a set of BRAND NEW crates! There are many major changes that have been made, thanks to the valiant efforts from the staff team. We have received feedback from across the board that improvements could be made, which we have heavily taken on board. If you have ideas and feedback, consider leaving a message in the feedback on Discord or opening a forum thread, or just having a friendly chat with our staff!

Introducing Quests! The Quests that you have been waiting for is here! You can now find the NPC’s for Quests at all Planet Spawns! The Quests you can do varies to what you want to do! We have now released Mining Quests, Mob Killing Quests, Parkour Quests as well as a Quest for Each planet to find the Level 30 Enchanting Table! If you find any issues with the Quests let the staff know!

Kits on Prison have received a HUGE buff! Donator Kits are now revamped to better suit the amount of money your rank is. Kit Starter has also had a Bow with 16 arrows added to it to better suit players wanting to stick further away from bosses! Kit Noob has been removed due to the lack of need of the kit now that /warp plotshop has Cow Spawners!

The New Monthly Rewards are Acquired after completing the quest Bob the Zombie Villager tasks you to do! Right click him at Planet 3 spawn and complete the Adventurous quest!

The Wandering Trader is taking a vacation for this month and will be back for the Month of November!

Something Spooky is also coming to Prison very soon! So keep your eyes peeled for anything coming up in the news posts!

​★ Donations ★ A massive thank you to everyone who has supported Fruit Servers this month, this money helps us to continue to update and develop exciting new content for us all.

Congratulations to this months winners, please contact a Community Manager or H1N9 to redeem your vouchers.

★  Voting Competition ★

Thank you to everyone who votes for Fruit Servers, those votes help us to spread the word about our amazing community and encourage new players to join us.  Remember that votes are tallied a few hours before the end of the month, so sneeking in votes right at the end may not count towards your total.  Congratulations to this months winners, please contact a Community Manager or H1N9 to redeem your vouchers.

★  Top Players ★

altdun is a cheerful, friendly player, who always has something positive to say in chat.  Their greetings when they join or leave the server bring a smile to your face.  Congratulations altdun!

Disco has been a new, but friendly face around Skyblock since the start of September and has befriended many players in their time here. Disco livens up the chat when it's quiet, and always strives to have fun and help out others when possible!

Baileysteve has been very active during the month of September, while he has been online, he has been helpful for our newer players on the server, along with being very active on the discord and chilling with the players in the public channels over there. Thank you for your helpful attitude that you bring to prison and the Staff team on Prison hope to see more of this!

Fuze_Ant is a veteran Pixelmon player, with his dedication and devotion to FruitPixelmon he has done more than enough to achieve this award. Congratulations Fuze_Ant!

B0GGSY has been a stand out staff member this month, he has put in countless hours and is always willing to step in when someone needs a hand.  Thank you for all your hard word bogs!

While being extremely new to our team, it feels like mars has been with us forever. Boasting incredibly high participation and activity across the board, mars has also been the centre of conversation across so many avenues of the server. We appreciate all of your hardwork and dedication to the server, congratulations!

MeifwaRap has been working tirelessly to help out with some brand new Storyline type quests on the prison server and his work has not gone unnoticed, Thank you Rap for your hard work!

Reborn has worked hard on new builds for Prison and his work has just been amazing! Reborn is an amazing addition to the prison team with his great ideas and suggestions as well as his ability to smash out builds with amazing detail! Thank you RebornIV.

WildBorr has been energetic in everything he touched throughout the month of September, and has stepped up to his staff role with exemplary enthusiasm. Thank you for bringing your bright atmosphere to the team, and congratulations WildBorr!

We are lucky to have such a strong staff team to help make Fruit Servers great!  If you are intested in joining one of our amazing staff teams, we are alway looking for more people to join in the fun.  You can fill in an application for a staff role HERE.

Whew! We've officially made it through September! Now it's October's Turn to bring the spooky surprises along the Road. Thank you for Reading this months post and Stay staff everyone <3 ~ Spleggeti Signing Out!

End of Post.