September Recap
Written by Ascacos

Welcome back to another monthly recap! We are all very excited to step into October, and for good reason!

We have many ongoing competitions and events, and are stepping into spooky land with Halloween fast approaching! While we celebrate the achievements of our most notable fruity figures in our community this month passed, let's also take a look at what's on the table for October, and how you can get involved!


Up first, we have our 2022 Build Competition!
Build Competitions are your opportunity to showcase your creative talents, and win prizes while you're at it. We announced the start of this competition on September 23rd, and will be taking submissions up to October 14th. This means you still have two weeks to get involved if you haven't yet.
For more information about the build competition including theme, restrictions, requirements, see this thread

And that's not all!

We also saw the return of the highly anticipated Fruitography competition. If you play Minecraft, you probably take screenshots. This is your opportunity to select your favourite moments from around the Fruitbowl, with the best entries being showcased on our Instagram! So far we've seen artistic, funny, sad and all things in between. Now we want to see something from you! Entries close on October 2nd, so get involved while you can!
Find our Fruitography forum thread over on our Discord for more information.

The Polished Man Campaign

We all have the ability to make a difference, this month MateA78 is participating in the Polished Man Campaign, which helps raise awareness and funds to ensure that no woman or children have to live with violence. For more information on this worthy cause, have a look at the fundraiser page -, and if you can please consider supporting.

Hey Prisoners!

October’s Monthly Parkour brings us around to the spookiest of month's which is why we decided to theme our parkour with a scary twist! R.I.P - Rest in Prison (#BlameLaz for breaking the server). Make your way around the graveyard, underneath the gravestone and traverse across some very precarious obstacles over lava! Watch out for the dangerous creatures whom lay between yourself and resurrecting the server! Join the race to the be the fastest over the entire month to earn some smashing rewards and earn your place on the pedestal!

This month, the Monthly Key can be found on the Halloween Planet given the commencement of Spooktober! To get started with the quest, have a chat with the Grim Reaper near the spawn. He'll be sure to tell you all the useful information you may need to fulfill his requests. You can reach the halloween planet by using the warp command: /warp halloweenplanet

The traveling trader is having LemonPod issues this month, So they will be remaining on Planet 12.

Have fun Prisoners!

★ Donations ★

A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed this month, your donations go towards continuing to develop fun new content for everyone.

★Vote Competition★

Reminder to everyone that votes are tallied up for the post a few hours before the end of the month so sneaking in a couple of votes right at the end may not help. Props to everyone for keeping voting as competitive as it has been, looks like everyone is eager to win themselves a voucher! Great work DualMode on 1st, Kloeno on 2nd, and vKingsGlaive on 3rd! Keep up the great work everyone, please message a Community-Manager or H1N9 to redeem your voucher.

★Top Players★

FruitServers is an amazing community because of the people that are a part of it. Every month one player and one staff member from each server are selected and acknowledged for their contribution to the server, whether it be ingame or behind the scenes.

TheAxolittle has been a consistent team player this month, and has always maintained an environment where everyone can feel safe, included, and their ideas heard and appreciated.  TheAxolittle has been the embodiment of our core values, both on Skylock and the community at large. Thank you and congratulations!

zzDeathGodzz - This month the staff overwhelmingly picked DG for this recognition, they are an extremely active member of the staff team, who volunteers and helps out with so many different tasks, especially with organising new events. Thank you for all your hard work DG, you truly deserve this recognition.

"I would like to personally thank Nebula for stepping up and leading the Pixelmon team while Opalz was away. His leadership over the past month has been exceptional and the entire community should be extremely grateful that he has been there to help manage, troubleshoot and spend a significant amount of time ingame. Neb has worked collaboratively with both myself and Benja. dealing with buggy Pixelmon updates and addressing the numerous crash issues that the server has experienced as a result of the 1.16 update." ~H1

Harriboo is one of Skyblock’s most energetically helpful players, who without a second thought consistently goes out of their way to help their fellow players with whatever they need. They bring positivity, with enthusiasm for every event, to Skyblock that we didn’t know we needed until Harriboo arrived. Congratulations Harriboo!

hotnuggies has become a regular face around the server, they have been very active this month, and can be regularly found chatting with everyone in game, answering questions, or welcoming new players. hotnuggies has been a stand out member of the community this month, congratulations hotnuggies!

Chickenjunior_1 is one of Pixelmons most consistently positive and energetic members. They are always happy to drop some knowledge and are willing to help other players with any tasks they may need! He is a stand out player that beats all egg-spectations. Congratulations Chickenjunior_1!

Fruitservers is lucky to have such strong moderating teams, however we are always accepting applications for all of our staff roles. Our wonderful Event and Build Teams in particular are still looking to grow so if you'd like to be a part of something special do consider looking into these roles. Think you have what it takes to join one of these fantastic teams? Submit an application at

If you made it this far, send something spooky in the comments!

End of Post.