Sing along with me!
Written by H1N9

WHEN? FRIDAY at 10AM AEST (H1 wants his sleepins)

WHY? Fresh start time! There is limited areas on the map for new players to build and underneath the ground looks like an ant hill

WHAT DO I GET TO KEEP? Nothing except for your ranks and associated perks. (Spike can also keep his fancy pants)


CAN I CLAIM SPAWNERS IN THE NEW MAP? Yes. Spawner claims will be open in the new map as always, more info will be released at a later date.

CAN WE GET ANY SUPER JUICY PREVIEWS? No. But the builders have built an amazing new spawn.

WILL THERE BE SHINY NEW THINGS? Yes, all good things come to those who wait. Although new development recently has mainly been prison and then the recent skyblock update.

CAN I GET A BUILD TRANSFER? Yes, just send me a pm via the website.

End of Post.