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If you're as excited as I am, then you haven't slept since #skyhype was announced on the last Monthly post. Well the war chant has finnaly paid off, our Dev Geekxboy has fingered his keyboard enough that it has produced unto him a gorgeous work of coding which we are soon to take for granted. Let me give me the rundown of what juciness is included for you!

And now a quick glimpse of the backstory to Phase 1 of the Fruity Network we all know and love:

There is a traitor, and she is known to thee,
She holds the power of a fruit, and it yearns to be free.
Lo, she sits glad with thy enemy,
Toward them, I see your rage, mighty shall it be.
Thus does my Inner Eye close.

To find out more about the FruitServers Lore, visit the Official Wiki!


Starting up a new island is what will make or break your experience. We believe that customization is one of the most valuable qualities of this gamemode, therefore we've brought to you a completely brand new and thorogh system we like to call Island Select (iSelect). Each island has a different difficulty level and a whole range of juicy options at your disposal!

The island multiplier refers to the amount of experience you recieve after completing a Quest. For example, on an Easy island the multiplier is 1x 100. On a Hard island it's 2x 100. Therefore, people on higher level Quests get Rewarded for completing them under harder circumstances. So be wise in choosing what level you'd like to play at!


A tightly knit economy with a market based on the bare essentials of all block and item types. The island Economy is very tough indeed! Limited Edition blocks and items will regularly be released in the shop and special resources will be extremely hard to come by!


Play with friends on your island by inviting them through 'coop' (Cooperation). Please note that you can only have one island and not be part of 4-5 different islands. What are you waiting for? Invite a friend with /coop invite or /friends invite!


As promised, the plug-in we all know and love has returned to reward those who put the insane amount of time and effort in it requires to get to the top!


One thing we knew for certain is that we never wanted to see the words "I'm bored" anywhere in game. To prevent this, our scientists and biological engineers have bent the laws of time and space to create a whole new range of dynamic quests that will never run out! Players have the option to complete these infinite quests with friends or Solo to acquire more experience.

Trading Cards

Collect new awesome Trading Cards through killing mobs and getting their drops! There are loads of different custom cards to be collected and traded in game. Trade with players by Shift+Right-Clicking them.


With a whole new Tropical Spawn built by our very own community members, this is barely scratching the surface! Note that this is still very much a Beta, and we will work together as a community to make it the best it possibly can be! But the only way you can know how fabulous it is if you experience it for your self! Jump on the TeamSpeak with us to celebrate and visit the Skyblock by entering /Skyblock on the server!



SERVER COMMAND: /server skyblock

NOTE: Today being the first day of release we may do some extraordinary prizes/events/perk giveaways during the day...

Thank you! I'll see you in-game to celebrate.

Love, the Zombie that fell in love. x

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