Skyblock Reset - Friday Morning
Written by H1N9

Hello fellow Fruitsters,

It been quite a while since the last Skyblock reset. I know quite a few in the community have been requesting a new map.

The Skyblock plugin has undergone a major revamp, with heaps of new features, better user interfaces and more!

Skyblock will reset early on Friday morning. The intention is to have everything up and runnning as soon as possible.

As always, everything except for ranks and perks will be reset.

Make sure to save anything you like into the brand new FruitCollectibles plugin! This will allow you to still showcase these items to other players in the next map.

Type /fc for more information.

Drop any questions about the reset in the comments below and we will answer them!

So get excited! This is the biggest shakeup for Skyblock since it first arrived in 2015!


End of Post.