Skyblock Reset - Friday
Written by H1N9

Fellow Fruitlings! It is time for a Skyblock Server reset.

The Skyblock Server will reset this coming Friday morning.

The map has lasted us for around 7 months.

In order to roll out the latest updates of the Skyblock plugin, a reset is the best option so that we can safely maintain peoples data.

What does a reset mean?

You get to start afresh with a brand shiny new map, loads of bugs fixed, new quests and better island role permissions.

As always, perks, ranks will remain.

All other items like inventories, MCMMO stats, balances etc will be reset to give everyone a new start.

I look forward to seeing you all on the amazing new map with some cool surprises!

Please ask any questions below and I will add them to the news post if they are frequently asked.

End of Post.