So it begins ...
Written by ipoodalittle

Ahoy ther' me hearty fruitlings! Bringin' to ye the weekly post with all the news from the fruit bowl! (Sorry i don't speak fluent pirate). Gosh this week has been a busy one, full of adventuring and wonderment! Scaling mountains, sailing the seas, trekking through vast jungle and scorching desert ... or just spending days at a time mining in a hole.

Survival Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 1088
  • Current monthly donation progress: 109%
  • Current monthly top donator: Illumination

Skyblock Statistics

  • Number of players since opening day: 2474
  • Current monthly donation progress: 0%
  • Current monthly top donator: None

We would like to encourage all users to check out our Skyblock server, especially since just this week we have updated our quests so there is more variety! Simply type /server skyblock or to go the hub /server hub.

The News:

Staff -

So this week there hasn't been any staff changes to announce. However we would like to encourage our more dedicated users who are interested in becoming staff to apply as we are on the look out. You can find the staff applications here. When filling out an application we'd like to remind you to take some time to fill it out, you do not need to rush. Think carefully and ensure you put as much effort as possible in. The less effort, the more it shows us that you are not that interested in it. We love to read applications with detail!

Notable Weddings -

Lemonlemq - Melongrip <3

Bacca02 - FlyingDragon123 <3

Januariies - Horticulture <3

Yunglen - xXLegitScoperXx <3

TorTor99 - TheOtakuJames <3

The Wiki -

We'd like to again remind people that Fruit Servers has a wiki you can all use and create pages for the spruce it up a bit! You can find it under the community tab on the top bar.

The weekly topic re-emurging -

Yes you have heard right! The weekly topic is again gracing us with pleseant discussion ideas. The lovely administrator ipoodalittle will be posting a new topic every Sunday evening or Monday morning. We encourage all users to have their fair share in the discussion and humour us with their witty comments or embarrassing blunders!


This week for a last minute event we hosted a came of "Prop Hunt". This event was organised last minute by ipoodalittle, with help from EnCrYpTaPaNdA, Demski and Goldsta. The event is simple. You are given a list of "props" or materials to gather. The first one to complete the list wins (or multiple winners in this case). The event itself lasted about an hour and a half, with our winners being:





Due to having only one Event Manager at the moment, ipoodalittle and Demski will be handling more event coordination. So we will be helping organise the events and prizes, and ipoodalittle will also help with the construction of events. We feel that to ensure we have events planned and ready for you all to be excited for it will boost the number of people at events and the fun! This being said, ipoodalittle will be setting up a forum thread and would love suggestions from people on what type of events they would like to see being made. We'd also like to encourage people to message Demski, ipoodalittle or Canaries if they have any thoughts on improving current events. Any feedback from the community is welcome to us, so we can learn to, fix, reshape and evolve our events for the better!

Also, due to alot of members not being able to attend events on a friday evening, could you all please comment below which days you cannot usually attend so we know if we need to mix it up a little or have multiple events on?

The Map Wipe:

So last week we had our map wiped. This had to be done for a number of reasons that we shall not bore you with here because it was mentioned previously. We'd like to remind returning users not to panic when they find their stuff is gone. You simply need to start again, as we all did. We request you not get snappy with the staff over it. It is not their fault. Your donation rank and perks should transfer over as soon as you re-enter the Fruit Bowl. If you are having issues, please contact Goldsta or Aphrodiite_.

The Build Competition:

The theme for February will be Oriental! The theme Oriental entails builds of East Asian origin. However, you are free to interpret this theme as you wish! Just make sure you don't stray too far from it or you won't stand a very good chance against your competition! As we've only just had a map wipe on survival, we don't expect players to have the resources necessary to create what they've envisioned so the competition will be held in the creative world once more.

This build competition will be held in the creative world.

Competition Rules

-Build must be finished by 29th February.

-Players MUST work individually.

-Build must follow the theme of the month.

-Build must be completed in the creative world.

-Only one entry per user.


1st Place: $20 store voucher.

2nd Place: $15 store voucher.

3rd Place: $10 store voucher.

How to post your Entry

To enter this month's competition, please leave a comment with a warp to your build under this post. If you have run out of warps, please list the coordinates or alternatively, try to get a staff member to set a warp for you.

Thats all for this week folks! Hope you've had a wonderful week, with another adventure packed week ahead!

- ipoodalittle

End of Post.