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Hello Fruitheads! Jefie here bringing you another carton of the freshest juice in town!


Hey Hey Hey! Guess what time it is!? That’s right, it’s Christmas! Wait… oh nevermind it’s the Event Post! This one is a juicy one so grab a drink, kick your feet up and get ready for a fruitastic read!




  • Number of players since opening day: 10275
  • Current monthly donation progress: 486%
  • Current monthly top donator: The88thMidnight

New Ownership

As I am sure you all know, this week we had to say goodbye to our beloved Eraze. We will all miss you so very much and we are all so thankful for everything you have done with this server. You build this server from nothing and turned it into one of the best Australian Hosted Minecraft Servers out there! We have had our ups and downs but this server still continues

to thrive positivity because of you! So for that we say thankyou, and goodbye!

We do however, have a new Owner and his name is……. H1N9! So if you see him around make sure to say hello and introduce yourself!

Lag Still?

Another sad issue of late is the lag that we have been receiving. We have done all we can for now so we just have to wait and see and fingers crossed, the lag will be departing us shortly!


The staff team has had quite a sad week this week. We have said goodbye to MOD Bloo who has left the team due to personal reasons. I can say very confidently that you will be missed by all on the server, you were always there for people that needed help and you are definitely a great asset

to the server! But he will still be around on the server playing and interacting with us all! It’s not like he is gone forever!

As said before we have also said goodbye to Eraze who will definitely be missed. But that does mean our new Owner H1N9 will be joining us!


Notable Weddings

Marriages this week been more… exciting than last! This week 3 individuals were stolen from the singles list! However…. maybe some drama this week ;)



To the first couple on the server to be forced married! (Poor Zaffy!!)

Zaffy - Piglet                               Couple Name : Zapiggy)

We are sad to note, after the divorce of CUBE75, not a moment later, 3teve ditched and ran off to the hills with PartyJade!

3teve - PartyJade                       Couple Name : Part3teve)

And also! Last but not least! Who endeavored a loving honeymoon without drama!

ShadowNation - Raptorw10       (Couple Name : ShadowRaptortion)

Forum Highlights

Feast your eyes on the best forum posts from this week!

- Who is your Celebrity Crush?

The maths team here at FruitSurvival have gone through counting up everyone’s votes to see who was the standout. We had a very clear winner and it was....our very own AUZombie!

The other standouts were: Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp, The Queen of England and last but not least Justin Timberlake.

- Introductions

I am happy to say that we have had oh so many new players join the server and introduce themselves! We all love it when we see new players join the server but it is even BETTER when a new player joins and then introduces themselves to all of us on the forums! If you are new, on behalf of the server I want to say one thing…. WELCOME!!!!!!!!

- Store Re-opened!

The server store is open! After a week of a shop lockout for several reasons and issues, once again a bundle of goodies and shinies are just waiting to be used! We hope the lockout was of no inconvenience to you, happy spending, each of your contributions are jaw-dropping!

- Just for laughs!


Recently, prank rates on the server are increasing as Princesspoppy2 noticed when she logged on. Her basement was so…. aDOORable. Other pranks such flower bombing and well. Just everything. Please keep in a reminder. All of these pranks are friendly and no one was hurt :D

- Reveria 2.0


Bloo has been very busy lately! I am sure most of know about the town Reveria! It was a very beautiful little town to the home of many fruitsters! But sadly, the town went downhill and Bloo was not happy, so he got to work to restore Reveria to it’s former beauty! And it looks great!


Build Competition


This month is once again, coming to an end! That also means the the build competition is coming to an end! Make sure to put your name in the comment section of the Monthly Post if you want to have the chance to win!


We have some final inspiration for this week but just remember to post your name in the comment section if you want to enter!

Good Luck!

Friday Event

This weeks event was the aMAZEing Race we had a great turnout and we all had a lot of fun! Special thanks go to MrDoff for putting it all together because that was a lot of redstone!


We had 5 winners that got some of the aMAZEing prizes!

  • 1st Place   ZaffyHD
  • 2nd Place: ReddeadFlame31
  • 3rd Place: Princesspoppy2
  • 4th Place: Ninja_master1
  • 5th Place: Snowgies

Thanks to everyone that stuck around to participate in the event and I hope you all had a juicy, juicy time!

If you didn't win anything this week! Stay tune for next week's JUICY friday event!

Mini Event!

Congratulations to all the participants of a random mini event during the week! MUSICAL BEDS!

  • Round 1: Amatic
  • Round 2: phaker420blazin

Stay tuned for more surprise mini events!

Staff Applications

This month is coming to an end which means staff application time is almost here! If you think you have what it takes to be apart of the team make sure to fill out an application form! From there, a few people will be chosen to have team speak interviews, thereafter a maximum of two users will be selected. Applications are only open to the start of the month, so hurry in!

Movie Night!

Movie night, hosted by our very own TheOtakuJames! It will be hosted on Plug.DJ and if you would like to vote on what to watch, please vote on his post! Movie night will be on the 1st of August!

Be there or be square!

Meme of the Week

This week we unfortunately had to go back to google for a meme. So if you want a meme of your own or one that you think is funny make sure to send AUZombie a message over enjin with a link to your meme if you want to be selected

So thats it for this week folks! Make sure to come back this time next week to keep up to date with all of the FruitSurvival news and gossip!

Love from your favourite white-and-red mushroom, Jefie xox

End of Post.