Written by Jylon

Oh Hello there ghosts, ghouls and all those creepy crawlers inbetween to the WEEKLY POST.


muahahHAHAAH oh hey! Ahem sorry about that it's just that Halloween spirit that's kicking in. Welcome back to another weekly post written by yours truly the squid man Jylon, I hope you all enjoyed your week and we all hope you have a rather sugar filled one this week too! Let's dive in shall we?



Survival World

Number of players since opening day: 14442!

Current monthly donation progress: 230%!

Current monthly top donator: Potatocanman!

Skyblock World

Number of players since opening day: 414!

Current monthly donation progress: 140%!

Current monthly top donator: Snowgies!

Friday Night’s Game -

On Friday we had a rather spooky themed event which was Musical Chairs! Many of you undead folks would of remembered prancing around those death traps- UH I mean Chairs..ahem. Once again we thank all those Fruitsters who entered the event and were glad to participate even if you weren't the lucky winner, we all just wanna have fun after all.

These blood filled flesh creatures got themselves some very haunted prizes

- Round One Winner          Reddeadflame31
- Round Two Winner         iRoarr
- Round Three Winner       iRoarr

Oh my that pesky iRoarr again.. hmm we'll have to use the axe next time.. Oh Bloody mary! You can still read this! uh congratualtions to the winners and all those who entered, hope to see you at the next event!



Some of our lovely staff members have been working on tutorials for those that do not know how to either get married, use pets, use disguises, how to start skyblock most importantly the McMMO system on the Survival World. These Tutorials will come in handy if y'all are having trouble or simply if you need more infomation. All the credit for these Tutorials and Guides go to ipoodalittle and ImHiding, thanks to these beautiful staffies we can finally understand the universe and all that is in it! ..Or rather the minecraft universe..not the real one.
Make sure to thank them in-game!

Have you ever wanted to get married? do you have the empty block inside of you to fill? Then find a single pringle near you and get to mingle! It's simples.
How to get married; CLICK ME

Have you purchased a pet but don't know how to work the damn thing? Does it poop everywhere you go and chase the mail man? Then here is the Guide to control your pixeled creature for only the price of your time!
How to Pet; CLICK ME

So you've purchased a disguise from the store but don't know how to activate it? Do you just wanna sneak up on your friends as a creeper? Have no fear as a guide is here!
How to Disguise; CLICK ME

As you may or may not know, our Survival server has the McMMO plugin which acts as a leveling up system for skills that come across you in the pixel world all the time, these include Fishing, Mining and many more! If you need more details simply follow the link.
How to McMMO, Gathering Skills; CLICK ME

If you love to hunt or just downright murder some poor creatures amongst the wilderness, you've probably noticed that when doing so you're leveling up Sword Skill, Bow or axe. To find out more about these Combat skills, click the link!
How to McMMO, Combat Skills; CLICK ME

Do you keep falling off your island at Skyblock, or do you have no idea what Skyblock is?! Well that's okay my friend because we have a lovely guide to help you through. This tutorial will set you up right for all the adventures to come.
How to Skyblock; CLICK ME

Newly Wedded Couples

Speaking of love at first sight, here are the love birds of the week that have gotten married in our very own server! If you want to have your name up here then be sure to get your spouse and let us know in-game or message Jylon or Zaffy on the website

dumbdog + kurtizmo <3
Otaku_chan11 + Earbash <3
youloz0123 + JrKryptokilla <3



This is just a reminder that all Bugs, Gltiches or in-general problems with Skyblock should be reported to the post that H1N9 made on the forums, it is there to HELP you all with any issues in Skyblock.If y'all are stuck in a wall when going to your island, post the problem there. If you're constantly falling through the ground, post the issue there. If all hell is breaking loose with piggies flying all over, please leave a statement regarding your issue and it will be taken care of.
Click me for the Skyblock help page

Build Competition

The month is almost upon us and I'm already getting some chills, the ones that crawl up your spine and send you goosebumps thoughout the night...ahem ANYWHO the end of the month ends ever so quickly yet that does not mean you cannot enter young grasshopper!

You still have time to enter Fruitsters, you're never too late to enter! Just be sure to post the warp to your build below..OR Better yet, leave the co-ords to your build in the comment section just under this Event post or the OCTOBER Post.


- Build must be finished by the 30th of October

- Users MUST work individually

- Build must follow the theme of the month

- Build must be created in the survival world

- Only one entry per user


- 1st Place: $20 Store Voucher and $7000 in-game money

- 2nd Place: $15 Store Voucher and $5000 in-game money

- 3rd Place: $10 Store Voucher and $3000 in-game money.

Don't know what to build? This might help!

"But how do I enter?"

Very simple! You either leave a warp or xyz position to your build on this post or the October Post on the Home page

Make sure it's finished when it reaches the end of the month!

MayMay of the Week

That's all the spooks I can give y'all this week, till next time Fruitlets. Jylon out.

End of Post.