Spooky Season Approaches
Written by Bayleecraft

Good wonderful evening to you all! What a busy start to the month it's been and we are nearing closer to spooky time! Can't wait to share with you what's been planned! But let's get into the post to share with you the current week's info!




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Fruitoween Approaches! This year there is heaps planned to keep your Halloween Fruity.

Fantastic Halloween events to be hosted on the 27th and 29th of October.

Sat 16th - Bedwars tournament - PERK VOUCHER REWARD - See Ascacos' section below for more info!
Thu 21st - Spooky maze & corners
Sat 23rd - Nether Dodgeball
Thu 28th - Spooky Bingo
Sat 30th - Among us

Additional HeadHunt, Wordsearch & other activities.

Sun 17th - Spooky Tournament (7pm)
Mon 18th - Pumpkaboo Archery
Sun 24th - Spooky Tournament (7pm)
Mon 25th - Ghost Race

Exclusive halloween zone in safarizone

The Halloween planet will be released on the 22nd! This awesome planet built by RebornIV includes a Find-A-Word, Archery Field with targets, Connect 4 plus a Halloween Mine and Boss Arena!

Pixelmon: Last week we updated Pixelmon to the newer version, which brought many new features from the newer Pokemon generations. While the update went very smoothly, there were some bugs arose that have since been squashed (mostly!) I think we can expect a hotfix from the Pixelmon mod in the near future to address the issues in Ultra Space and some other issues relating to Raid Dens Weekly tournaments will now be hosted at 7pm AEDT - and will stay that way for the forseeable future Stay tuned for some cool things coming for Fruitoween! Pixelmon staff have been busy preparing for some festive activities for you all, and can't wait to show them off!

Skyblock: This Saturday 16th, we will be hosting our first ever Bedwars tournament. It will be a duos tournament, so staff will match you with a random partner - or you can ask to be teamed with a friend. There will be plenty of rewards for people that win on the night, so bring your A game! The maps that we use will be revealed on the night, and have been built to match the spooky season!

★ Survival ★

Everyone congratulate Blackflame36 on receiving the big mod rank! Welcome to the club!

We are always on the hunt for new staff members for our moderating, event coordinator or builder teams, if you think you have something to offer why not put in an application via the website by clicking HERE

Join us every night at 8pm AEST for our nightly events!

Please note: On Sunday the 3rd of October, Australian Daylight Savings Time will become active. Depending on your state/country the events might be an hour earlier for you!

Check out this week's calendar for what games we will be playing.

Monday -

Pixelmon Event Night

Tuesday -

Prison Event Night

Wednesday -

Horse Race on Survival

Thursday - 

Skyblock Event Night

Friday -

Boat Race on Survival

Saturday -

Skyblock Event Night

Sunday -

Prison Games Night

Congratulations to all this week's winners.

Come along to events and you could win yourself keys or tokens!

Pixelmon Rental Team Tournament

Every Sunday night at 6pm AEST we hold our weekly Pixelmon Rental Team Tournament. For those of you that may not be aware, you will be supplied with Pokemon during these tournaments. If you’ve just started on the server you’ve got the same chance of winning along with the big bad Pixelmon sweats!

The winners of our weekly tournaments are awarded with a Perfect shiny Pokemon of their choice! Why not come give it a shot and see how you go!

Fruity Marriages

Wedding bells are ringing for this week’s happy couples!














Want to marry that special someone?  Contact a staff member and they can help you on your way to wedded bliss.


Selfie of the Week

We love to see what you get up to during the week, so make sure you post a selfie to the forum thread before Sunday night to be in the running for a token. When you post your selfie be sure to mention which server you took the selfie on, and write a caption for it also.

It's really October already.... Who is excited for trick or treating! less then 20 days to go! Have an amazing week Fruitsters ~

Bayleecraft & The Event Team

End of Post.