Survival Map Reset
Written by H1N9

Fruitsters rejoice! I've lost track how many times I've been asked over the past few weeks for when the next reset is. There has been considerable speculation that there will be one when 1.14 comes around. Nobody knows when 1.14 will be released and I doubt Mojang does either. 1.13 was 6 months late development wise.

For those of you who have used /warp wild recently you would have seen that our map of now some 7 months is just about full! There is not much room left to expand your builds, find new areas for mining and crucially, for newer players to get started.

It is time for a fresh start with a brand new shiny map.

The map will be reset this Friday morning - it should not take too long as we are not doing any major changes behind the scenes for this update.

I am pleased to say that once you join the new map, you will be able to test out our new Fruit Juice plugin which has been in development for a while.

What will be kept for the new map?

  • Player ranks and perks
  • Nothing else

What will be reset for the new map?

  • Balances
  • Map
  • Homes
  • Virtual Tools
  • Enderchests
  • etc etc

You will be able to claimed purchases spawners in the new map in a similar process to the last wipe.

The map will start off with a 7.5k border - leaving us enough room to expand for when 1.14 arrives so that we can include the new biomes and features that 1.14 will bring assuming it arrives in the next month or two.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!


End of Post.