Survival Reset - Australia Day
Written by H1N9

Hello fellow Fruitsters,

It is that time of the year again where the survival server needs a refresh. The map has been worked pretty hard over the last 6 months!

I know it is unusual for us to do a reset not in conjunction with a major Minecraft update. Recently however, it has been exceedingly difficult to guage the quality of the updates that Mojang has been putting out - interms of the work required to update all of the plugins, bug fixing and performance.

The past 1.14 and 1.13 updates were an immense amoumt of work which is doubled if we decide to do a reset at the same time. This reset has allowed us to focus on more new stuff rather than only being able to focus on making sure what we had already works.

Survival will reset early on Sunday morning - to coincide with Australia Day.

As always, everything except for ranks and perks will be reset.

There are some cool new features we can't wait for you to see and some cool stuff behind the scenes to help the amazing staff team do their job.

Please post any questions about the reset below!

As an aside note, I am happy to save schematics for builds - as long as you know what to do with them.

Please PM me for more info.


End of Post.