Survival Reset - This Friday
Written by H1N9

We will be updating Fruit Survival to 1.18 this Friday morning. This isn't really a surprise for anyone! 1.18 brings major terrain changes to Minecraft and no new blocks or other content. The caves are certainly spectacular though.

The survival server will reset on Friday morning. As always, balances, MCMMO, Enderchests etc will be wiped.
A prior warning, the render distance on 1.18 is terrible and performance will be challenging. I strongly suggest you use optifine to improve the render distance.

DO NOT forget to save your special items into your Fruit Collectables stash! Type /fc ingame for more info.

Got any questions about the reset? Post them below!

Skyblock, Prison and Creative will remain on 1.17 for a while as there is no real reason to update them at the moment.

End of Post.