Survival Reset - 1/2/2024
Written by H1N9

Hi Everyone,

We will be updating Fruit Survival to 1.21 this Sunday morning. To make the most of the new Minecraft features and for a less buggy update, we will be resetting the server. Mojang's release of 1.20.6 broke a lot of things due to Java version changes and more. This was shortly followed by 1.21. We have done our best to update most of the plugins for the update but some features will be re-enabled as the new map progresses.

Survival will go down early Sunday morning, and will be down for a little while so we can update to the new map.  Once everything is updated and stable we will announce the opening of the new map on the website and discord, so keep your eyes open for those announcements.

Like with every reset, we will be resetting everything, this include balances, builds, McMMO, inventories etc.

You will keep your ranks and perks. For those who have purchased the Fruitlympics Special, you will be able to re-claim it again in the new map.

So take the next few days to stash anything you want to keep in your Fruit Collectibles, type /fc to add items.

End of Post.