Take to the skies!
Written by RavynR

Yes hello! It's the Pasta Squad back for our last weekly post for August! Tonnes of stuff has been fixed on both Survival and Skyblock and new items have been added to the store! First up however, we have a lovely message from our brand new Community Manager; Ahtnamas80!!

Hello again fruitsters, Ahtnamas80 here, and I would like to take this oportunity to thank everyone for all the warm wishes since my recent promotion to Community Manager, I feel very priviledged to be a part of such an  amazing community and I can not wait to roll my sleaves up and get to work.  I would also like to thank Goldsta and H1N9 for their patience and support while helping me get settled into my new role.  I am lucky to be here at an exciting time with all the new additions in the latest update, and I look forward to seeing what other new and exciting things are just over the horizon for Fruit Servers! P.S. Monday is a very special day, as we celebrate the birth of the one and only Goldsta! Make sure you pop by and give him a BIG birthday kiss. Have an awesome day Gold xo

Wow! Thank you Sam! Before the rest of the weekly post I'm here to give you some awesome information about our donation store! Not only can you now purchase notification sounds and colours for your magic carpet, There is currently a free kit chock-a-block full of wonderful 1.13 items! Be sure to grab it while it's still around, and with that, lets begin the rest of our post!

Donation Statistics




Players Joined: 1, 578

Players Joined: 722

Players Joined: 2, 590

% of Monthly Goal: 678%

% of Monthly Goal: 201%

% of Monthly Goal: 0%

Current Top Donator:


Current Top Donator:


Current Top Donator:



Staff Updates

This week survival continued going along strong with heaps of players, thanks everyone for being around!  Along with this we’ve had some new faces on the mod team: DiamondMaster98, Brewlicious, SS_Patches, along with them MateA78 has returned to the team.  Please congratulate Jacobb_ on his promotion to mod! If you wanna join us come on and apply at: https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


We have only had one event this week on survival and that is hide and seek, at spawn nonetheless congratulations to the winners: owoThePtown, littleSSavage, Kzxoo500, Ituturu, dababychicken, Shadow8124, Dark_Crystals1, Armisael, GoonbagJim, OwlGaze, OlAngryBurger, Naatilly, Xecsdee, Divinewalrus77, Ixwi, Amayonaise, Afrorunner, Hovem, Sir4t4 and Headlouse!

Bug Fixes

-Magic Carpet is back and more colourful than ever!

-Tickets can now be submitted!

-The disguise GUI is now working!

-The donor perk for extra hearts has been fixed!

-Clear Lag now has accurate timers!

-Experience multipliers have now been fixed!

-You can now change your notification sounds via a store perk!

-Sparklegun has been fixed!

-Silk touching purchased spawners now works!









Hey guys this week _Ravioli will be bringing you all the updates from the skyblock server!!

Server Updates

Wow it has been a busy few weeks! It feels like almost every day a new bug is being found, but luckily for us our Dev’s and staff are working so hard to fix them as soon as they can! Here is a list of the things that have been fixed or added infor us!

-The quests GUI has been fixed!

-Fixes have been made to the Co-op GUI

-An error with vote parties has been fixed!

-Islands now have a visual border around them!

-Island borders can now be coloured!

-Sparklegun bugs have been fixed!

-The donor perk for silk touching spawners has been fixed!

-You will now receive a message when you upgrade your island!

Staff Updates

There are no staff updates this week, but if you think you have what it takes to join the Fruit Servers team you should apply! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


We currently have no events being run, but when they come back you can find all about them here!

Thanks for reading this part of the weekly post, have a great week everyone!





This week we have no updates for prison, however, do keep an eye on this space ;)

Server Updates

Selfie(s) of the week!

This week is our first week having two selfies! One from each server! The winners are Squish from Survival and Mz_Tee for Skyblock!

Congrats guys! For your chance to win next weeks prizes submit your selfies here !

That's all from us this week! Next week there will be no weekly post due to the monthly post! Thanks guys, we'll see you all around :D

End of Post.