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Hello there! I'd like to bring you this quick 60 second info-mercial about TeamSpeak. Tehehe.

What Speak?

It is voice communication software installed on a server where users can talk with the players on FruitServers. You can download the teamspeak3 client here.

Why don't we just use Skype?

TS3 is far better than Skype for many reasons:

  • It's always online.
  • Everyone can connect and at any time.
  • Has many options and features such as push to talk and text chat.
  • It is faster and more secure, offering better voice quality.
  • Low-latency, high-quality voice communication.
  • Staff Support almost 24/7!

The FruitServers TeamSpeak Server Information is:


You may notice some new Icons and Tags players on there have, we will be introducing more as TeamSpeak further develops. If you want a tag of your own then shoot us some suggestions on the forums here!


How to Temp Private Channel:

1. Move down to the 'Temp Channels' - It's located in between Minecraft Survival Rooms and Staff Departments.

2. Right Click on the 'Temp Channels' name - This will provide you with some choices related to that channel.

3. Select 'Create sub-channel' - This should be the second or third option down.

4. Name channel and add description - You may edit a number of options at your pleasure.

The channel will be made and you will automatically move in.

The channel will delete automatically when ALL people in the channel have left

If you are having any issues connecting to the Teamspeak or making a Temporary Channel for yourself please let a Staff Member know.

So throw your mic on and join us!

Thanks and until next time, Adios!

Auztopia~ xoxo

End of Post.