Written by SirEraze

Welcome everyone! On behalf of the Staff team and Myself, i would like to proudly announce the release of FruitSurvival, the first server of FruitServers.

Before i start, i would like to just let everyone know that this post will be long, and will contain alot of good information, it is highly recommended that you give it a read.
Also, i would like to thank every single one of you. Its you (the community) that made all of this happen, and we couldn't be where we are today without you, and for that i thank you.
The Story:
So, this whole adventure started back in February this year, 10 months ago! I was sitting in my room, depressing over the fact that my favourite server had died, and nothing else could compare. This server was what i came home to in the afternoons, it was my home away from home.
This is when i had this bright idea, a sudden "bing" played in my head. It was my turn to return the favour that someone else gave me.. I sat down on my computer, researched and researched, learning all about server administration and how much it would cost. Turns out i was too impatient to wait, so i dived right in.
I spent nearly every day working on this server, for a whole 2 months, until i thought it was ready for the public. My goal was to re-create something similar to what i used to play on, something users would love. And not only that, i really wanted to create a close community of awesome people.
So i finally opened the server, in April 2014, and what a good day that was. I was expecting 4, maybe 6 players online for a while.. very small numbers. I sat there smiling at my work, only to notice a sudden rush of players coming through the doors, this was an amazing feeling.
3 Months later, my dream had come true. I had finally created i intended too, and players loved it. However.. lets keep in mind this was my first ever server, so i slowly got better, and learned alot, also learning that what i had created was a mess behind the curtains. The server was full of bugs and corrupt player files, and there was nothing i could do about it, so i turned to the team.
We (the staff team) sat down for hours, discussing what we could do, and we came to the conclusion that we would make a new server. Something bigger, better, and bug free, using all the new knowledge i had. So we brainstormed, and brainstormed, to come up with this idea, FruitServers.
Whilst we tried to keep this a secret, some players ended up finding out, and that caused a massive bump in what we already had (OrangeMinecraft). Players quickly found out that what they continue to make will be lost, and they suddenly lost interest in the server in general, which is understandable.
This lead to the next major decision, the closing of OrangeMinecraft, in order to make time for this, our new project. Some people didn't like this, and some were upset.. But there wasn't much we could do, this was the best option we had at the time, and OrangeMinecraft was slowly falling apart in our hands.
However, here we are. 8 months later, with new dreams, and new goals. FruitServers rises above.
I wont go on any longer, as im sure you are already bored, so lets get into the fun stuff, and check out what's new!
Whats New:So, with FruitServers, we wanted it to be an upgrade. You will notice that alot of aspects of the server are very different, however we tried our best to keep that classic feel that you all know and love.

The Ranking System:We have made some nice changes to the ranking system, as well as adding some ranks. The most noticeable change you will see, are the rank names. We thought it would only be right to theme the donation ranks around the Fruit theme of the Network, so here are the new ranks.
Redstone --> Apple
Gold --> Lemon
Diamond --> Grape
Emerald --> Pear
We have changed some prices in the donation store, and added alot of things in too! Every month we will try our best to add 1 or 2 more things to the shop, to keep things interesting.We will also be making changes to the donation kits soon, so keep your eyes out for that.
The HighRoller Tag:
We have added a new donation based feature, its called the HighRoller tag. Its a small green dollar sign next to the name of the person that has donated the most.

The Reset:
As you most likely know, everything has been reset on this server. All players will have to start from the beginning, just to clear everything up.
Name Changes:
Multiple Staff members have changed their names, so to keep everyone informed, here is a list:
GamerBabe09 --> MrsDemno
LukeStenz --> Stenz_

Monthly Awards: Every month we will be giving away multiple awards such as Player of the month, Donator of the month and so on, you will see these announced on the 1st of every month.
Stats Page:
We now have a Stats system on the server, you can go to the stats page by clicking on "Stats" on the navigation bar of the website, it will let you see almost every aspect of a player, and compare your stats.

Much, Much more:
There are too many features to explain in this post, but im sure you will see them all in game. You will slowly learn all the commands, and all the new things the server has to offer. And remember, There is more coming, this is a BETA version of the server, and alot of the main features are still coming, so keep your eyes on the website.

So thats all, i hope you love the server as much as we do, and we will see you all in game!

lots of love,
Eraze and the Staff team

End of Post.