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Hi there FruitHeads and welcome back to another weekly post!


Howdy there FruitFolk! Zaffy here, and welcome to another Fruity-Tooty Weekly Post! I hope you had an amusing weekend watching endermen falling in water but it is that time of the week to kick your feet up, grab a fruit salad and enjoy the read!



  • Number of player since opening day: 11895!
  • Current monthly donation progress:  628%!
  • Current monthly top donator: ImBriezy

Friday’s Game

On friday we had a treasure hunt. There were 20 chests hidden around spawn and some of them were very hard to find but you super sleuths managed to find them all in about 15 minutes! We did unfortunately experience some technical difficulties but we managed to overcome them and all of the JUICY prizes were won.

The following pirates found the treasure:



MissAngelaM finding TWO chests!

Caraleighton finding THREE chests!


Loopsy_ finding TWO chests!



iMeoww finding TWO chests!







Make sure to check the Events Page during the week to keep up to date with upcoming events and games!


Hall of Fame

This week we had three more fruitastic addition to the Hall of Fame; TorTor99, Groak and BL0BVIS. Thank you so very much! And thank you to every single person that has donated, every single penny goes towards keeping the server running and improving it. So thank you!

TeamSpeak Edits

You may notice some new Icons and Tags players on there have, we will be introducing more as TeamSpeak further develops. If you want a tag of your own then shoot us some suggestions on the forums here! New Temp Channels are now available with a step-by-step tutorial on how to make them, so get up to some foolishness in there! If you are having any issues connecting to the Teamspeak or making a Temporary Channel for yourself please let a Staff Member know.

Join us on:

New Membership

As a strategy to hopefully tackle the errors that occur when a user changes their Minecraft name we have revamped the Registration system. From now on you follow the link that provides you with an option to purchase the rank, obviously it's free. This coupled with the registration and connection to the server should solve any miscommunication Enjin previously had with Mojang's name changes.

Register to become a member and get access to awesome benefits!

- Ability to set 2 warps
- Access to a creative plot
- Ability to request to PVP
- Access to the /recipe command

Visit to get registered!

Rules Page

When registering with FruitServers you agree to abide by and play within the policies of the server. These are the rules which are set to ensure a positive experience in all aspects of the community. A breach of a rule will result in punishment, weather it be through warnings or bans. A frequent reminder to players to see the /rules is important for the community to understand where the boundaries lie. Although following the rules is important, it's significantly more important for you to have fun!

See for more info!

Newly Wedded Couples

We gather here today to congratulate the smitten kittens out there! KingGoldsta and QueenSnowgies! Er… I mean congratulations to the newly wedded couples!

Ruby_Dragonet x Rohdawg1998 <3

vacr96  x sebby1942000 <3

enderei x Smeatbass <3

Congratulations guys! I wish you a server-time of happiness together!


Build Competition

It is VERY close to the end of the month which means that this month’s build competition is also closing up. If you haven’t submitted your build yet make sure to do it A.S.A.P! By that I mean NOW! The poll is open so make sure to vote for what you want to build next month.


1st Place: $20 Store Voucher and $7000 in-game money

2nd Place: $15 Store Voucher and $5000 in-game money

3rd Place: $10 Store Voucher and $3000 in-game money.

- How to post your entry:

To post your competition entry, simply create a warp and post it in the comments section of this post, or write the co-ordinates.

This months Build Competition Rewards will apply towards your rank!

Builder Rank

Speaking of building how about I remind you about the NEW Builders Rank. The builder rank is for those players that fancy themselves to be a skilled builder and have the patience to be able to make circles in Minecraft! This rank is very difficult to earn and will not be given to just anyone! Applications open on the 1st of September.

Staff Applications

September is near which means staff applications will be opening once again for those of you who want to help more and think of yourself as a responsible, mature player. Same as the Builder Rank, this will not be given out to just anyone and there will only be a maximum of two players chosen. Good Luck!

Movie Night

Another thing coming up... movie night! Movie night will be hosted next Saturday (the 5th). Make sure to vote for the movie that you would like to see.

Be there or be ∇...

Meme of the Week

This week I am featuring two funny memes because I couldn't decide which one I liked more! They both made me crack uplike a coconut! They even have the same background... what a co-incidink!

Well folks, sadly that is it for this week! But until next time, your favourite fancy cow, Zaffy x

End of Post.