The Fruitiest Builder rank around
Written by Vixxee ♔


Hello Fruitsters, Goddess Gamerbabe here bringing you some very juicy information about our new Builder rank. For the last few weeks we have been working on smoothing out the finer details of our builder position. Today is the day I reveal to you all what the role of Builder will entail. If you think you have what it takes to impress me with your building talents, applications are always open.

:What we expect of you:

As a builder for Fruit Survival, you are one of the many friendly faces that is seen when community members are playing on our server.

It is required of you to be a well behaved and mannered member of the community at all times. Not behaving appropriately may result in your loss of the “Builder” rank.

You are also required to be an active member of the community and contactable when you are required for builds. Being inactive for an extended period of time will see you removed from the build team.

*Meaning no long periods offline. EG: over a month without contact etc*

You are required to work under pressure and meet deadlines in some cases.  You must be able to perform consistently to help support your team members.


*You must be able to follow instructions from your build leader -Gamerbabe

*You must be able to work in a team and do designated areas when assigned

*You must communicate and coordinate with the Event team for Event related builds

*If items are required in survival for a build, you will be given the required items

:What you get:

*granted access to our builders plots in creative

* Magic Carpet

* Microblock access

* Coloured signs

* /back access

(All perks will be removed upon your departure from the build team, Unless they are your purchased perks)

~GB x

End of Post.