The Hype is here!
Written by gronditup


If you're as excited as I am, then you haven't slept since #skyhype was announced on the last Monthly post. Well the war chant has finnaly paid off, our Dev Geekxboy has fingered his keyboard enough that it has produced unto him a gorgeous work of coding which we are soon to take for granted. Let me give me the rundown of what juciness is included for you!

And now a quick glimpse of the backstory to Phase 1 of the Fruity Network we all know and love:

There is a traitor, and she is known to thee,
She holds the power of a fruit, and it yearns to be free.
Lo, she sits glad with thy enemy,
Toward them, I see your rage, mighty shall it be.
Thus does my Inner Eye close.

To find out more about the FruitServers Lore, visit the Official Wiki!


There's - QUESTS, TRADING CARDS, CUSTOMIZATION, MCMMO! + With a whole new Tropical Spawn built by our very own community members, this is barely scratching the surface! Note that this is still very much a Beta, and we will work together as a community to make it the best it possibly can be! But the only way you can know how fabulous it is if you experience it for your self! Jump on the TeamSpeak with us to celebrate and visit the Skyblock by entering /Skyblock on the server!




SERVER COMMAND: /server skyblock

NOTE: Today being the first day of release we may do some extraordinary prizes/events/perk giveaways during the day...

Thank you! I'll see you in-game to celebrate.

Love, the Zombie that fell in love. x

End of Post.