The lead up to Easter
Written by Meloonnn

Evening all! Hope we have all had an amazing introduction into the month of April and have been enjoying all the exciting things being brought to the server in the lead up to Easter! Without me rambling on for hours… lets just get straight to it!

Donating Statistics



Player Count: 10199!

Player Count: 6321!

Currently 144% of monthly donation goal

Currently 122% of monthly donation goal

Current monthly top donator: NemiesisJim23

Current monthly top donator: Rochey31

Beyond the Bowl

Surprisingly this week we have a lot of new staff changes so try to keep up as we go along! The server is currently packed full of new Mods and Trial Mods which is very exciting for us at the moment! We would like to welcome Spike_M and DatRayRay to the team as they picked up their Trial-Moderator position, the two of them would love to get as much experience as they can so be sure to ask them for help! As two trial mods join, four previous trial mods were promoted up into Moderator! Congratulations to Mr_Horizon, NGGSoulStopper, SilverDeviluke and Koszmar! They are always around to lend a hand, both very reliable so far! On a much sadder note we recently lost two of our previous mods, Kzxo500 and RhedaWarrior, both of them were very busy in their day to day lives and had to step down for the time being, they will be missed dearly and we thank them for all they have done.


Kicking off April, we began with a couple rounds of Thunderdome on the 5th, I was informed by players that it was very electrifying and somehow people managed to survived…? Congratulations to AKLONGFACE47, Salmonella_Act, Ukoh, Mr_Horizon, PtownNoob, InternalRiot, iisacc and BunnyQueen!

Following up thunderdome, we played the second event of the month which happened to be Spleef! As I was unable to attend, I handed the hosting job over to the survival staff and from what I heard about it was spectacular!

This week over on Survival we will have the End Reset on Wednesday! So make sure you're all around to get your new elytras and blocks! Following up that excitement, we have all four of our Easter events and we would love to see you on celebrating Easter with us this year!

Build Comp: This Month’s Theme: Easter

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 29th April.

- Players are restricted to working individually.

- Build must be completed on the Creative Server.

- Do not build chestrooms, spawners, massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things.

- Only one entry per individual.

- No pixel art!

- Keep redstone minimal if you must use it.

- Do NOT copy anyone else's builds, not even ones you find on Google images!

Thats a rap!

Yet again we have come to the end of another weekly post, I hope you all enjoyed this week's post and.. Is it just me… or is everyone else excited for EASTER!! As usual we will have lots of fun and exciting things entering the fruitbowl for the small time period of easter so be sure to come on and check it out!

~ Meloonnn

End of Post.