This week on fruits: episode #1
Written by Dracarys Blackfyre

G'day all, Canaries here to bring you this weeks (Albiet late) event post

pls go easy, is my first post

The Rundown:


  • 17624 Players since opening
  • 223% of the monthly goal (Whoo!)
  • Top monthly donator: Illumination


  • 1983 Players since opening
  • 94% of the monthly goal
  • Top monthly donator: EZ420



This week sees the long awaited return of the wonderful Mobbmaster, as well as the appearance of a mysterious new character by the name of Aphrodiite_. Who could this mysterious person be? What is their origin? Who knows!?

I know, it's gamerbabe. But, think of her as a new and refreshed woman, stronger, and more Greek-Goddess-y

We've also seen Tialisis' Trial period end, and welcome her as a full Moderator, Hoorah!

However, not everything is sunshine and happiness, as this week also saw the loss of long time staff member ImBriezy. Whilst we understand your desire to return as a player to the community, we will miss you!


Although a fair few people were married this week, the local wedding planner was out for the holidays, so we've got nothing to show. Blame Jerry, you can relax when we don't need you!


Ah, this, this is what I signed up for.

This week we had two events on Survival, one majour and one minor:

TNT Run; The gamemode where, win or loose, you expload. We managed to run nine rounds, as well as a staff only round. The winners of the standard rounds are, in order: NaekedRasher, vSeltic, Acerr_, NonsenseBen, 4t4, PotatoLancer, CallMejacob, Sleapy and LoshSmoak. Who won the staff round I hear you ask? Only the almighty FruitGod knows!

The second, minor event was admin abuse disguised as fun a few rounds of Thunder Struck! The game was simple, players run around dodging lightning, till only one remains. it was tons of fun, and there was lots of fire, and a good time was had by all


A reminder that this Months Build competition is coming to an end within the next week and a half. The theme for this month is Roman Ruins, Spooky!

For information on how to enter, please see the previous weeks event post

And that's it for this week! I hope I didn't do too badly, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in future events, untill then

Fly far, and Fly fast - Canaries, Event-M

End of Post.