Treasure Hunt!
Written by ipoodalittle

Hello Fellow Fruisters, Crazy Cat Lady Tialis here bringing you the information for this coming Fridays event – Treasure Hunt - !  Briezyy and I have been working very hard, with the help of some fellow staff to bring you an incredible event – we hope you enjoy it!  This time round we have made some changes to how the hunt will work but first of course, we need to go through the some rules:

NO magic carpet or fly mode allowed at ANY stage.

NO helping or giving away any information relating to clues.

Participants must work ALONE.

Players must have an empty inventory upon start - it will also be asked that your personal armor/weapons be put into an ender chest in case of death

DO NOT leave the designated areas or paths EVER.

NO ender pearls allowed.

Any players who disregard the rules will be disqualified.

How to play:

Upon entering the start zone you will be asked to pick up a book and quill from a chest - This is essential as you will need to write down clues that you find throughout each zone of the hunt.  The winners will be determined by the people who find the clues and decipher the key.  The more codes you find, the easier the key will be to solve.  Once you have solved the key you will be about to write the winning phrase and hand that in to us - First 3 people to do so will win amazing prizes!

There are 10 zones each with between 2 - 5 clues to find along with other ‘treasures’ hidden about.

Zone 1: Trees!!!

Climb all the trees!  Find the codes and treasures!

Zone 2: Doors!!

Open all the doors! Find the codes and treasures! ( This one might be frustrating!)

Zone 3: Melon Patch

Search through all the leaves and melons for codes and treasures!

Zone 4: Water tunnels

Go through all the tunnels - find the codes and treasures!

Zone 5: Fishing Fun

Fish up a specific fish (to be announced on the night) to be given a code word!

Zone 6: Chest Room

Search all the chests for codes and treasures!

Zone 7: Tower Jump

Test your precision skills - jump from the tower onto the slime and land in the tunnel platform to find a code!  Sprint is your friend :)

Zone 8: Mini Parkour

Don’t stress even Tia can do this!!  You will be faced with the possibility of going for the code or going for treasure - what will you do?!

Zone 9: Mini Maze

Make your way around the maze to each of the 4 houses, where you will find codes and treasures!

Zone 10:

Section 10 will entail a locked door which will require a password to open, the password will be within a section, once obtained they will be required to throw the password onto the cobble slab to be accepted and gain entry

Here, for all those users who have read this post, is a sneaky peak of the areas!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, if you ahve any questions feel free to post them below :)  A special thank you to MistofDust, Bloo, Daemondark, EncryptedPanda, Mobbmaster for their building skills and Sparkley Popcorn and Lagoona for testing and clearing land skills <3

End of Post.