Treasure Hunt Recap!
Written by ipoodalittle

Hey again Fellow Fruity people,  Crazy Cat Lady Tia bringing you the recap from the event on Friday night - Tizey’s Treasure Hunt!

What a turn out!!! We were really impressed with how many of you gave this event a go.  Ok, to be fair it may of been a little harder than usual but hey doesn’t that make the prizes all the more worth it :D

As you know there were 10 zones you had to complete, finding key codes to decipher the overall hidden phrase, doing the random challenges in each zone and potentially finding 5 secret phrases hidden along the way.  Some area’s proved much harder than others but overall I would like to congratulate and thank each and every one of you for your efforts and patience as you attempted to unravel the mysteries of Tizey’s Treasure Hunt.

A very big congratulations to the following people for their wins:

1st place overall : IFoxx

2nd place overall: SgApple

3rd place overall: SparkleyPopcorn

These 3 all won an OP Weapon of their choice, a personalised winning certificate, in game money, an enchanted collector’s edition beacon and a key.

Another big congratulations to the following people:

IFoxx for solving the phrase ‘Bloo is really a girl :)

SparkleyPopcorn for solving the phrase ‘Goldsta is a Flop:)

Le_Commandment for solving the phrase ‘Dae is Bae :)

Illuumination for solving the phrase ‘Ipod loves using shoveks:) ‘  - To be fair special mention to Illumination for solving most of them but being gracious enough to share the prizes with others

Unfortunately no one solved the 5th mini game phrase which was ‘Nana loves her tea:)’.

We did have one small hiccup on the night which was the treasures that were hidden around the zones in item frames were unable to be interacted with - that was an unfortunate slight that we didn’t pick up on until 10 mins before the event - To make up for that I have gone around to every one who participated and put down a chest with some of the goodies from the treasure hunt.  If you have missed out on yours please let Tialis know so I can fix that up for you <3

Thank you for everyone who helped and assisted in staffing the event, as well as those of you who helped build - your efforts were very much appreciated.

I look forward to bringing you a better and improved Treasure Hunt in the future <3


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