Warming up for July
Written by MrRandom287

Welcome all. The second half of the year has started, but we’ve still got a lot of announcements to get through.

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Well, this week of Survival has been quite busy with events and new staff. First up, a few announcements from one of our amazing Community Managers, Ahtnamas80:

Staff have been working so hard to get everything ready for our third annual Fruitlympics, and this year is sure to be AMAZING!  Sign ups are on the forums now, so get involved and support your server so we can bring home the gold for a third time! Go to the Fruitlympics forum post for more info.

But wait that’s not all, while you are waiting for the start of Fruitlympics why not test your skills on the Fruitlympics Scavenger hunt, you could win a fruitsters key!  See the Scavenger Hunt Forum Post for more info.

And just in case that is not enough, on Friday the 12th July we will be doing an end reset, so come along at event time (8pm AEST) to help slay the dragon and have a chance at finding an elytra.

Also, many of you have expressed an interest in a nether reset, as there is a serious lack of glowstone and quartz, we are planning on doing a nether reset on Friday 19th July. Stay tuned for more info, and start clearing any items you want to save in these areas now as everything will be lost.

We have had more wonderful people join our staff ranks recently. Biller1, LifeOfBlu and Crimpy have all become T-mods. On top of that, lovely Princesspoppy2 has been promoted into a full Mod position. Be sure to welcome and congratulate the newest members of our team.

Our Staff Squad is currently on the hunt for Event-Coordinators, Builders and Moderators! So if you’re interested in applying… follow this link! https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


Our Events this week were superb!!! Let's recap on what happened.

On Wednesday we played Corners!! The musically inclined luck-based game was enjoyed by players and staff alike. Congratulations to our winners: Almighty_Dongers, X_Zora_X, Dumbleness, Crimpy, Eaglestripe and MrRandom287 who won our staff round.

On Friday we stressed out our players with Prop hunt!! Evidently some of the items proved more tricky to acquire than others. However sourceofvegemite, WarDagger, dannydplays and Almighty_Dongers all managed to find the twelve different items.

We run events every Wednesday and Friday night at 8pm AEST but also run pop up events throughout the week so keep your eye out for those!

Selfie of the week

Aphroditea still finding some pride with two friends.















Hey everyone! We hope that winter is treating you kindly. Here’s another dose of Skyblock news to warm you up.

Staff Updates

Big congratulations to Quicksilver on his promotion to Mod! We also had DavidCini17 and DeflatedDolphin join our team as Trial Mods. We're excited to have them! Lastly, we bid a sad farewell to Muar, who took his leave. Good luck out there, buddy!

Maybe you could change that! We’re always looking for new staff to join our team! If you feel like you have what it takes to join our Skyblock staff team apply at https://www.fruitservers.net/staff


Double bingo aside, we had another great round of events this week! Thank you to everybody who joined us. Remember that you can vote for which events you’d like to play by checking Discord or joining us in-game a few hours before Saturday Games Night starts.

We had everybody’s favourite first: Bingo! Those with the fastest fingers and the luckiest luck were AnAlphaLonzy, D2xx, Cytoke, PotatoJacket, fruitsticker, FBG_Vashta, and dieforestfic. Congratulations!

This week we gave our new parkour a shot in a Parkour Race. As with all things, there were some issues, for instance about twenty people trying to jump on one end rod, but we managed to get through it eventually. Thank you to everybody for your patience! Our Parkour winners were SkellyBG, Bellair08, and Doctre_Sween. Good work!

And last, but certainly not least, we had Corners. Our best dancers this week were Snoozn_, _Ravioli, and fruitsticker. Bravo!

You can win events for cool prizes and the chance to win the coveted event tokens! These tokens can be used to purchase limited edition items at /warp token in-game. For our event schedule, visit https://www.fruitservers.net/events










Selfie of the Week

“All of us huddled around the campfire! Maybe Eurphoriella likes the fire a bit too much…” Congratulations FBG_Vashta!

Remember! If you would like a chance to win an event token, post your selfies in selfie of the week!


Only a couple of announcements from our growing Prison server this week!

Congratulations to Brockb101 for their promotion to Full Moderator!!!

This week on Tuesday we hosted two fun events!

We started the night with Mob Arena, where Mai_Pie, SynlessPC and TTolimn brought Team Diamond to victory.

Finally we ended the night with many rounds of Spleef!! Congratulations to our winners, Netzaltali, ExpressoYourself, Bezz, enloco16, SynlessPC, Spleggeti and mar00271!!

Feel free to join us next week for even more fun!

Once again we hold our weekly event night on Tuesdays at 8pm!

Server announcements

Well well well, it has been awhile but you have definitely been asking for its return, this month we are bringing back the build competition!! This month the theme is as colossal as the other events happening on the server, we are asking for you to build a statue!!! As per usual, there are some rules you have to follow so please keep them in mind as you build your masterpieces. For more information on this month’s build comp and to submit your entry, please check out this forum post.

We have also started a forum thread for event suggestions! Do you have any awesome event ideas we can use on the server? Do you think we could run a certain event differently? Please let us know!

Thank you everyone for taking your time to read this. We'll see you all next week.

-kuro_shibainu, MrRandom287 & Ravioli

End of Post.