We want you!
Written by Zaffy

Why hello there to all of the Fruit Family! Today I come to you on behalf f the Events team asking for help! As Event-Managers we want to make the events as exciting as possible for us but most importantly you guys. This is hard to do if we repeat the same events over and over again. Yes, we have heard your cries and screams and that is why today I am asking for any suggestions at all from you!

We want to know what events you like, what events you dont like, what you want to see, what you don't want to see, if you want more PVP and if you dont want more PVP! The staff team have been discussing ideas, oh so many ideas, about ways we can make the events run smoother, how we can entice more people to play them and most importantly how to make them even more fun!

So please guys, leave us any of your suggestions of ideas for us to make your experience better down in the comments below!

And as always, thankyou for reading and have a lovely day! - Zaffy <3

End of Post.