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Hello my floppy little fruits it is the unstoppable Event-Co team MiniMelon & iMeoww here ( I know, SHOCKER, It’s been like 2 weeks since you’ve seen us and we’re so sorry) to bring you another flabatastic Weekly Post!! We know you love em’ and here’s the latest scoop on the week that was.. Let’s get right into things shall we.. ~ We shall!!

The Rundown


Number of Players Joined:

Currently 108% of the Monthly goal

Current Top Donator: Mitunzz


Number of Players Joined:

Currently 28% of the Monthly goal

Current Top Donator: EZ420

Beyond the Bowl

This week we saw the departure of Sleapy from his moderator position. He will be greatly missed and we thank him for his help and hope he has a safe and exciting future <3 On more of a positive note, late tonight we saw the promotion of EstherBunny our newest Skyblock Mod! Im sure she will have an amazing time on the team and im really excited to see her around.


Hide and Seek ~

Starting off, on the 25th of May we had a very fruitilicious evening as we played Hide and Seek! We had a total of eight staff members running and hiding during the night… those sneaky flops made these rounds very hard as they found the sneakiest hiding spots! We had a total of 4 rounds…. And believe it or not...we had a total of 25 winners.. How exciting for you fruitloops!! Should we hear who these found who?? I think we should :)

Round One:

Badgeriffic ---> Youngbloods

Lagoonaa ---> SparkleyFlopcorn

Krillzy  ---> MistofDusk

LittleNova ---> H1N9 (disguised as an egg)

LittleNova ---> melongrip

SamuraiDave  ---> Briezyy

Round Two:

Gucci_Sporks ---> Briezyy

Gucci_Sporks ---> Youngbloods

Deadpool --->   H1N9 (disguised as an egg)

Lagoonaa --->  SparkleyFlopcorn

SpasticPiggy   --->  melongrip

PotassiumDOT --->  MistofDusk

Round Three:

Whyyesitsi   --->  H1N9 (disguised as an XP orb)

PotassiumDOT ---> Briezyy

Aurainnium   --->  MistofDusk

Matea78  ---> iMeoww

PotassiumDOT ---> melongrip

LittleNova   ---> Youngbloods

Round Four:

XxStonedSpoonxX --->  H1N9

XxStonedSpoonxX --->  MiniMelon

LokiSnipze         --->  melongrip

Samurai_Dave       ---> Youngbloods

LittleNova         --->  SparkleyFlopcorn

Samurai_Dave       --->  Briezyy

TheSilentKnight     --->  MistofDusk

Also huge thanks to the following staff members for helping run the night!:

~ MiniMelon

~ iMeoww

~ melongrip

~ MistofDusk

~ Briezyy

~ SparkleyFlopcorn

~ H1N9

~ Youngbloods

Thunderdome ~

Following up on the 27th of May we had a few very exciting rounds of Thunderdome on Skyblock! This event was very ‘electrifying’ and made all of the players literally run for their lives. We had a total of 5 rounds, so lets here the results for these rounds ~ Shall we? I think we shall!

Round One: Lagoonaa


Round Three: creencia93

Round Four: Sockthi3f

Round Five: SparkleyFlopcorn

And our overall winner ~ ITSANINJA!

Spleef ~

Welcome to June! On the 1st of June we had 6 rounds of Spleef! And for once there wasnt too many technical difficulties, alot of you juicy fruitsters had lots of fun and i think the winners deserve some spotlight… so let's here the results!

Round One: Jomno

Round Two: Lagoonaa

Round Three: Le_Commandment

Round Four: ItsSquish

Round Five: PotassiumDOT

Bonus Round: OzPing

Bingo ~

Following up our June events, we had a total of 5 rounds of Losh’s Famous Bingo on the 3rd of June! Towards the end there was alot of struggle coming up with sweet phrases to go with our many special items! And of course, it wouldn't be a recap, without hearing the winners! Let's hear some results:

Round One: melongrip

Round Two: aVeryAussieGuy

Round Three: SpasticPiggy

Round Four: Lagoonaa

Round Five: aVeryAussieGuy

Bonus Round: SpasticPiggy

Capture The Flag ~

Continuing on this week tonight we had a few rounds of Protect The Captain… and let's just say… it was really embarrassing for blue team.. With the results being 5-0… Congratulations Red team!! Let's get on with the stats from the night :)

Red Team Participants –

NotJylon, Oko, Deadpoolthegreat, ItsSquish, Sprinkleanotor, Szalhi, 2mincupnoodles, PotassiumDOT & GlitzyCookie.

Blue Team Participants –

TheSilentKnight, Lagoonaa, __Chocolate__, Master_Fruit, SteveyBan, orkkiller24, Crisolokids, GoldenAmber, AngusB3677, Cobbah & MistofDusk.

Red Team Captains

~ 2minCupNoodles

~ PotassiumDOT

~ ItsSquish

~ NotJylon

~ PotassiumDOT

Blue Team’s Captains

~ CrisoloKids

~ Lagoonaa

~ GoldenAmber

~ TheSilentKnight

~ __Chocolate__

Red Team Mvp’s

~ NotJylon

~ PotassiumDOT

Blue Team’s Mvp’s

~ Cobbah

~ Master_Fruits

Pstt… Keep your eyes peeled for ‘Monday Night Bunny Movies!’ Every second monday night taking place on skyblocks dubtrack… with your host… EstherBunny!


This week we saw our lovely melon squad member Mr Melongrip celebrate his birthday! If you haven’t already please wish this flop a Happy (belated) Birthday!

Build Comp

This month’s build comp theme is Transport/Movement and will be held in the Creative World

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 29th June

- Players must work individually

- Build must follow the theme of the month

- Build must be completed in the creative world

- Only one entry per individual


1st Place: $20 store voucher

2nd Place: $15 store voucher

3rd Place: $10 store voucher

How to post your Entry

Please leave the warp to your entry at the bottom of this post

Notable Weddings

This week on fruit we saw some lovely little fruits tie the knot with their loved ones


<3 HazzKilla + HelloMelon <3

<3 Fediian + Scradley_wilcox <3

<3 Dusty_Tornado + EstherBunny <3

<3 Mc_Gomps + Gamerbabe <3

<3 Oko + aVeryAussieGuy <3


<3 Gummy_Kat + aVeryAussieGuy <3

<3 BreadSenpai + LindaHooper <3

<3 Bulk_Bogan + _Key_ <3

<3 Misspiggy95 + _smallfry5545 <3

<3 xLagoona + Badgeriffic <3

<3 BaccaZeFlopPlayz + Andoscafe <3

<3 Asimokane7 + Fuschbau22 <3

<3 Xiphias88 + NaaTilly <3

<3 Mc_Gomps + Gamerbabe <3

Meme of the Week

Question of The Week

If you were an avocado, what would you do?


MiniMelon ~ Post Writing

iMeoww ~ Post Writing

melongrip ~ Photography

Thanks for reading this weekly post, we hope you have had a blast and an amazing time with the read! Dont forget to leave your feeback and your answer to the question of the week in the comments below :) Hope you all have a fruitastic week! MiniMelon and iMeoww are outtt...... Jokes, we dont wanna leave :c But we have to!! Fairwell Fruitsters, Hope to catch ya next week!

End of Post.