Weekly Post
Written by gabri3lla

Good Morning or evening my Fruity friends It is the power duo iMeoww and HelloMelon here to bring you our first official Weekly Post and i heard… it's going to be… Amazing!!! You might be surprised to see us writing one of these but we’ll be the new Weekly Post writers :> What a spectacular week it has been - We’ll stop talking now and get into the post!

The Rundown


Number of players joined: 5968 (almost 6000!!)

Currently 398% of our Monthly Goal!!

Current Top donator: __Chocolate__


Number of players joined: 4920

Currently 30% of our Monthly Goal!!

Current top donator: teterine

Staff Team

This week we saw our very special bunny, EstherBunny become promoted to T-Mod on Skyblock!! We also recently saw Dusty_Tornado & MC_Gomps promoted to Moderator!! On another exciting note, this week we saw HelloMelon & iMeoww receive their ranks on Skyblock as Event-Co’s!

Congratulations to our brand new Skyblock team !!  Unfortunately, on a sadder note we saw the departure of Drunkyyy from his Moderator position on Skyblock. He will be missed greatly.


Free For All PVP Night

On Wednesday night we had our First EVER FFA PVP event!! The night was incredibly fun and players had a ball!! We had 4 rounds and the 4 winners of each round proceeded to the final round!!

Round 1: Bunks

Round 2: Bumsonfire

Round 3: Warpiggles

Round 4: xLagoona

Round 5: SeanTYX

Finals: Bunks

Staff Round: MistofDusk

Prop Hunt

On Friday night we put you players into the wild in order to find 14 interesting yet challenging items that sent you fruitsters absolutely insane! There were a total of 5 winners over the night, and boy, they were definitely ready to hit the hay after this long event.

First Place: RohDawg1998

Second Place: Quackaz

Third Place: teterine

Fourth Place: xLagoona

Fifth Place: Oko

Psst… don't tell anyone… but I heard they left with some pretty amazing items, such as a fruitsters key and enchanted elytra for first place! During the night, a very green, interesting, and weird team was formed, I'm sure you all would have heard about…. The Pepe Squad. Yes ~ you heard me right… the Pepe Squad, all of the staff running the night received a Pepe head from our microblocks a nd a Pepe related nickname to be officially welcomed into the group. Lets hear some of these juicy nicknames shall we? We Shall!

  • GoldenPepe
  • MistofPepe
  • SparkleyPepe
  • GripMyPepe
  • HelloPepe
  • iPepe
  • Ipoodapepe
  • Youngpepe

What an ‘event-full’ week it has been! :) Thanks for tagging along and participating in our events, we hope you enjoyed all your special prizes!


This week we saw two of our beloved staff members celebrate their birthdays with us! We saw lots of lovely happy birthday messages in chat for these two, and we heard they were both given lots of amazing prizes! Even though we are a little late…. Why don't we wish them a happy birthday one more time! :)

A very Happy Birthday to Demski & Daemondark!

Build Comp

Just a reminder that we have our current build comp happening and there is STILL time to enter!! The theme is VIDEO GAMES and it is being held in Creative!! All competition entrants must specify which game they are building from!! To enter leave a warp to your build in the comment section below and Good Luck!!

Notable Weddings

We had some beautiful fruity weddings this week!! These bunch of Lovebirds tied the knot during the week!!


<3 Azzo_ + AshleySx <3

<3 DeerTree + HeyNath <3

<3 Alfonzo27 + Jussstin <3

<3 Rowage + Jc_Mistix <3

<3 xLagoona + Cahms <3

<3 HelloMelon + HazzKilla <3


<3 DeerTree + HeyNath <3

<3 EstherBunny + Dimbotron <3

<3 Dusty_Tornado +GoldenAmber <3

<3 Mc_Gomps + LeMoNtArTz <3

<3 Badgerrific + xLagoona <3

(here’s a sneaky pic of 3 couples on Skyblock)

Meme of the Week

That’s all for this week, Stay tuned for the next Weekly Post. Sorry for the odd post day, we’re just getting into the swing of things. Expect the usual weekly post every Sunday Night and I hope you are all having an amazing day or night wherever you’re from <33

iMeoww & HelloMelon outt!! -->

End of Post.