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Hello Floptastic Fruitlings! SparkleyFlopcorn here with yet another weekly post! It’s my first time writing one of these, so don’t be too hard on me if I flop a little! What an eventful week this has been, so let’s get started! Take a deep breath, countdown from 10 and get ready for take off!

The Rundown:

Number of players joined: 5712!
Currently 326% of the monthly goal!
Current top donator being __Chocolate__ !

Well would you look at that! 2nd week of may and already triple monthly donation goal! Keep it up Fruitlings!

Number of players joined: 4775!
Currently 26% of the monthly goal!
Current top donator being Drunkyyy!

Sadly, Skyblock is still struggling to lift up their mothly donation total, but don't give up hope! I believe they can make it!


As most of you fruitlings know, last Sunday was Mother’s Day! So staff decided to treat you all with 2 back to back events!
First off we had the Mother’s Day Musical Chairs, where you finally got the chance to show us all of your AMAZING dance moves!
Round 1: LittleSavage
Round 2: StraubaerryJam

At this Musical Chairs event, if you were not in the current round, you could be occupying yourself with the Parkour! And here are the flo- I mean lovely fruitlings… That made it to the end!


The last Mother’s Day Event we had planned for you was Spleef! There were a few obstacles along the way, *cough cough Flopsta* but we overcame them together, and here are your winners!
Round 1: aVeryAussieGuy
Round 2: StraubaerryJam
Round 3: aVeryAussieGuy!

Congratulations to all these winners, you certainly made your mothers proud!

On Wednesday night, we had a few rounds of TnT Run! And here are your results!
Round 1: Cahms
Round 2: DJ_Hai
Round 3: Cahms
Round 4: whoviangamer10
Round 5: aVeryAussieGuy
BONUS ROUND: whoviangamer10

On Friday night, you Fruitabulous Flops made your way over to SkyBlock, for a very spectacular obstacle course! Thick layers of mud and terrifying heights, wasn’t enough to stop you fruits from claiming your victories!
Round 1: 1st Place: melongrip,               2nd Place: Bopking,         3rd Place: Owinge!
Round 2: 1st Place: whoviangamer10,   2nd Place: teterine,           3rd Place: SirNebula!
Round 3: 1st Place: Dimbotron,              2nd Place: EstherBunny   3rd Place: xLagoona!
BONUS ROUND: 1st Place: SirNebula,  2nd Place: Bopking,          3rd Place: TheSilentKnight_

Wow! See what I mean by Eventful!

On Thurday, we celebrated the amazing Sir_Kelikai and MistOfDusk’s birthdays with an amazing DropParty! Some fruitlings even managed to score themselves some new ranks and items! If you missed it, make sure you wish these two a happy birthday!
What’s this? There is another birthday coming up? When you ask? Well you just have to stick around to find out!

Staff Team:
This week, we had a few changes on the staff team! On Survival, we saw the promotion of Azzo_, melongrip, and SparkleyFlopcorn from T-Mod to Moderator as they all passed their trials! On a sadder note, we unfortunately saw the departure of Cahms from the Builder rank. He and his builds will be missed greatly! Also, sadly as of a few hours ago, we also saw the departure or Sir_Kelikai from his role of Mod. He will also be missed greatly.
Over on Skyblock, we welcomed the new T-Mod Dusty_Tornado to the staff team!
Make sure you congratulate all of these Fruity Staff Members on their new roles!

Build Competition:
Don’t forget, everyone! This month’s build competition theme is VIDEO GAMES! It is in Creative, and is open to interpretation, so long as you do not stray too far from the theme! All entrants must provide what game their build is from, what place within the game the build is from,  and a warp to your build!

Well that’s all from me for this week flops! Hope you enjoyed the ride, and be sure to stick around for next weeks edition of the Weekly Post!

Over and out!
xoxo gossip gikda


End of Post.