Weekly Posts of March!
Written by Meloonnn

Good Evening and Welcome; to our first weekly post of the marvelous month of March! I hope all of you have had a great start to the month and are super excited for what we have ahead of us.

Donating Statistics

Survival                                                                 Skyblock

Player Count: 7773!                                               Player Count: 6004!

Currently 47% of the monthly goal!                        Currently 54% of the monthly goal!

Current monthly top donator: darkkronz                 Current monthly top donator: Wkly_

Beyond the Bowl

This week we only have one staff update... Id like to officially welcome SilverDeviluke to the Survival Staff Team! This week Silver finally progressed on from Trial Moderator and dont be scared to ask him for help!


This past week on fruit we watched you fruitsters enjoy your selves as we played Craft That on Wednesday, followed by Hide and Seek on Friday! Congratulations to Le_Commandant, EstherBunny, H3ffa and Spike_M for placing and winning a prize in Craft That! Also congratulations to TheWolfPrince_, Siel_Kosane and darkkronz for placing and winning a prize in Hide and Seek!

This week on fruit we will be having Prophunt on Wednesday and Bingo on Friday! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled incase there are any changes; you can view these changes by checking the event calendar!


This week on Skyblock we have some very EXCITING news!! Dusty and Sweet are out of their trading card responsibilities and I can just imagine that they are breathing a huge sigh of relief.

What could this possibly mean you ask?! Redeeming trading cards was a time consuming & repetitive task that would have to be done day after day. Finally we have a fully automatic trading card system, made by the one and only Geekxboy!

For further info on how this system will work please head to the Previously made (Newly updated) Trading card post! Head to /warp cards ingame to get trading.

What will happen to Dusty and Sweet now?!  You will have to wait and see what their new responsibilities will be *insert evil cackle here*

There is lots of BIG and interesting things going to be taking place on skyblock in the coming months, Please stay tuned to see the Fruity goss here first!

Vixxen/Aph ;)

Build Competition

The build competition theme for the month of March will be PvP Arenas! Players were very excited at the thought of their build being featured at spawn during November's build competition so we're letting you know from now that if your build is spectacular enough, we will be happy to host events on it! Your builds must be built individually (only one entry allowed per person) and finished by the 31st of March on the Creative Server. Please do not build any forms of chestrooms, pixel arts, spawners etc. We would love to see your creative side of building! If redstone is needed please keep it to a minimal! Happy Building, enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE: To enter this build competition, please find the competition on the forums and post you IGN and your plot coordinates on it… Or else you will not be entered into the competition.

Newly Weds

Survival…                                                                                       Skyblock…

Fanboygaming // lexinoodle <3                                                      apard7 // lifeofpie51 <3

Darkkronz // GoreJuss <3                                                              alexAJ13663 // KamikoHimura8059 <3

iMoosh // SwiftBlazer <3                                                               Sir_Blocker + AliWali <3

PotassiumDot // ItsSquish <3

Koszmar // DatRayRay <3

That’s a rap!

Thank you all for reading the post this week, let us know if there is anything else you would love to have included into the post! We always love feedback! Hopefully you could absorb all of those new stats into your fruity heads…See you all next week!

~ Melon

End of Post.