Written by Youngbloods

Hello Fruitys and welcome to another installment of the weekly post written by the one and only Empress Ogao. First things first, I am very new to writing the weekly post so please be kind to me! I must say, this week has been quite laidback and relaxed but let’s not waste any time and jump straight into what has been happening this week in the Fruitbowl.

The rundown:

Number of players joined: 5536!
Currently 122% of the monthly goal!
Current top donator being __Chocolate__!

We're only a week into May and we have already seen Survival well and truly hit the monthly goal, how crazy is that!? Well done Fruitys!

Number of players joined: 4645!
Currently 16% of the monthly goal!
Current top donator being Mall_Cop/Staffii!

With Survival soaring, it's a bit of a bummer seeing Skyblock with little progress but fear not! It's early days yet and we have faith of hitting 100% of the monthly goal!

Upcoming events and reminders:

We have some very exciting, but still somewhat secret, news regarding upcoming events! The build/staff team have been working together to bring fun, fresh event ideas for everyone to enjoy throughout the month so keep your eyes peeled and get pumped up! A reminder that you can always stay up to date with what event will happen on what night using the event's page where our Event C's have been working hard to provide everyone with an up to date calender, information on events and also recaps! Make sure you check it out and stay tuned!

Build comp:

Just a quick little reminder that we DO indeed have a build comp this month in Creative and the theme is Video Games! It is open to interpretation and we have high hopes as we know how creative you all are! All entrants will need to provide what game they are building from, along with what place within the game, that they are recreating.


Staff changes:

This week, all staff changes were over on Skyblock. Unfortunately we saw Eiar step down from her V-Mod position and Mall_Cop/Staffii step down from Mod, both having unforeseeable changes to their life outside of the Fruitbowl which is taking up the majority of their time. On a more positive note, we see MC_Gomps promoted to T-Mod, make sure you congratulate him next time you see him online!

Notable Weddings:

This week we saw A LOOOOT of love going on, especially on Survival. If you find your perfect match and ask to have their hand in marriage, be sure to just ask one of our friendly staff to make it official!


xLagoona + HelloMelon <3
NoBeef + Moochaa <3
Consent + Odelium <3
Wolfette85 + Wolf692 <3
xXJohnny15Xx + GlitzyCookie <3
PotassiumDOT + chelsoroks <3
Asimokane7 + Bopking <3


DrunkyOblivian + c4kehe4d <3
Easterbee + xLagoona <3
MistOfDusk + Youngbloods <3
Badgeriffic + Quackaz <3

With that, this concludes the weekly post! Have a fantastic week and stay fruity! 8)

End of Post.