Written by Losho

Hey fruitloops, the Freshest Losh here today to deliver the news of the week - and what a crazy week it’s been! It feels great to get behind the driver’s seat to bring you the “hot goss” and “spill the beans” on the server recently. So let’s jump right in!

The Facts and Figures!

Survival Statistics -

Number of players since opening day: 2419

Current monthly donation progress: 59%

Current monthly top donator: Kelikai

Skyblock Statistics -

Number of players since opening day: 3124

Currently monthly donation progress: 1% (-sniffles-)

Currently monthly top donator: LoshSmoak

Fruity News!

Update 1.9 is here and running on both Survival and Skyblock which means it’s safe for you to update and hop on to check out all the new goodies! For those that want a detailed look at what’s changed and what’s been added, check out this!

However, since Minecraft 1.9 is fresh off the presses many of the mods aren’t updated yet. This includes MCMMO sadly, but you shouldn’t have to wait long for it to be updated and back in-game. There’s plenty of other things to do while you wait for these mods to update - like check out and craft every type of new arrow (good luck with that).

One stupid thing I’ve noticed is that stairs face a different way in your inventory now! That’s a stupid change… it just feels wrong.

We are planning to host some events in Skyblock soon as well! The lovely and mysterious Geek is constantly improving the quests system over there, check out /quests in game!

~THE END~ (wait… no this isn’t the end of the post…) I mean, Minecraft’s end. The End world is currently closed so we can figure out how it’s going to work, with the regenerating dragon and all the End Temples. (Also everyone wants a pair of Elytra, right!?) So if we find you in the End, you will be given a warning. We plan to open the End to all you adventurers with itchy feet on Monday!

Fruity Staff

No changes here! Which is great, meaning we have a solid fruity family of staff keeping our servers safe! If you have any problems in-game, please alert any of the staff online, we’re happy to help you any way that we can!

Also, because Minecraft 1.9 is a big change, there may be some bugs that you find when playing. If you find a bug/glitch in a mod that the server uses, please report it to any of the staff! Things might be a bit unstable until we get back into the ~groove~ of things.

Coming up!

Hide all your eggs! Those bunnies are right around the corner! Easter is coming, and we’re busy planning some Easter themed events and activities, which will be super fun. I can almost taste the chocolate. In fact, I’m eating some right now!

<3 Notable Weddings <3

EstherMC & Terrifried

EnchantedLover & arayblankenship

Gameboy82356 & Nazrina

StrauberryJam & CallMeJacob

EliseSykes & CrazyKiwi1

Joyful_Sloth & killKENNY

Ross_of_Rossmans & dogbeet

The Events

We had a six round game of Thunderdome which was heaps of fun for both the players and the staff! Congratulations to all the last ones standing after enduring the thunder from the gods (pesky staff). The winners were as follows:

Rnd 1 - EasterMC

Rnd 2 - IBoughtAJeep

Rnd 3 - Mad_Master

Rnd 4 - SparkleyPopcorn

Rnd 5 - nattjack

Rnd 6 - Kelikai

We also had an event premiere! Tizey’s Treasure Hunt had a fantastic debut with a big turnout and high participation! You had to complete the tasks at each location to get keys to solve the phrases! I got to look after Zone 5 - The Fishing Zone because fishing is my life. I have to say thank you to the fishy friends that stuck with my zone to enjoy the freebies and fun times. It sounded like some of the other zones got a bit frustrating for some players! The full recap of this event can be found here!

The overall winners of this amazing event were:

1st - iFoxxx

2nd - sgapple

3rd - SparkleyPopcorn

Congratulations again, and thanks for participating!

Build Competition

Just a reminder that this month’s build competition is Pirates! Arrr me hearties! You can work in teams of 2 or individually! Also it must be built in the survival world - start getting your hands dirty!

That’s all folks, it’s been a pleasure to bring you the news this week. This has been the Fresh Losh, may the fruit be with you.

End of Post.