Welcome Everyone!
Written by SirEraze

So, the day has come! I (Eraze) along with the rest of the team would like to proudly welcome you to the new project, FruitSurvival!
You are most likely here from the link on OrangeMinecraft, but don't get too excited, we aren't ready just yet!We have brought you all here to let you know we haven't died, and to get everyone excited for what's coming in the very near future!So keep your eyes posted, and stay up to date with our twitter, to get the latest news and hints of when this project will be opening!
For now, only the home page will be unlocked, we want to keep the rest a secret until the server is released.
Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/FruitServers

See you all very soon!Regards, Eraze and the Staff team.

End of Post.