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Okay FruitNuggets, here we finally are! Now we know how Survival is supposed to work; grab a few friends, mine and craft together until you have enough Mojo to build an Epic Mansion surrounded by four ferraris with a pool and a helicopter pad. Well FruitServers is here to bring you something different...

Welcome to the Events Page. Here you will find weekly updates on what is actually going on inside the Fruit Bowl. This page will also be the home of Special Events, Sales on the store, Teamspeak Events, Coupon Giveaways, Building Competetion Information, New plug-ins and Updates, the list goes on!

Events Manager

An Events Manager has not yet been selected. For the first few posts on the page, AUZombie will be managing the system and setting the bar. Note that there will be more than one Events Manager eventually, this is a new system for the community and we should treat it as something that needs to be experimented with, and perfected after the first few weeks. If you are interested in applying for the position, please let Eraze or I know through an Enjin inbox. From there we can arrange a Teamspeak meeting. In the mean time, there will be mini events held throughout the month and countdowns on the website for each Event. So put on your fun face, and let's play!

Double XP Weekend

Woah! That's right. If you are lucky enough to find yourself playing on the First Weekend of every Month, then you will notice something sligtly different. You have access to Double Experience from all mobs! This applies to you even if you have already bought a bonus XP perk from the store. Let me say that again.. Even if you HAVE bought a 2x Multiplier, OR 4x Multiplier, your bonus will be at +2 XP from what you were on, (6x being the maximum). So run to your farms, and grab as much as you can before it's over!

Note: Double XP Weekends will be in sync with Australian Eastern Standard Time

What to Expect:

  • Wither Run - Who will be the new Wither's Bane?
  • The Purge - PvP is not safe anymore!
  • Hide & Seek - Try to find the Sneaky Staff member!
  • The Maze - The AMazeing Race with bonuses, traps and vegetables!
  • Parkour Parkour - Who can hop there the quickest?

Keep updated with us here on the Events Page early next week for a MASSIVE Sales Event, also for the first Juicy Times post coming to a store near you next Friday!

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