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Its been a while! Lots of new and exciting changes have been happening on the Fruitbowl as well as some sad and unfortunate ones as well. Lets see what we’ve missed.





Players Joined: 6,352

Players Joined: 2,250

Players Joined: 2,243

Players Joined: 118

To kickstart this super exciting news post, we have a very special preview of the biggest event on the Fruit calendar. As we get closer to this event, the image will become clearer!

End of an era! This week we said a sad farewell to Demski, she was our longest serving staff member, who had been with the staff team for nearly 8 years. Over that time she has had a massive impact on the server and the community, and has been an incredible support to not only me but the entire staff team. To celebrate all of Demski's contributions and wish her all the very best for the future we will be holding a special event night next Friday night at 8pm. Come along and show Dem just how much we love her. If you can not make it on Friday, or want to leave her a special message we will have a book drop spot at warp demski which will be available sometime tomorrow (not enough hours in the day!!) so you can leave a message for dem to read on Friday.

We hope to see you all on Friday, we can all have a cup of tea!

Hi trainers, we are 3 days into our reset and we have seen so many old and brand new faces around. We trialled adding mobs into the game however it caused unnecessary lag and issues so we have decided to turn them off. We would also love your feedback and suggest on what we could do to improve or add to FruitPixelmon. You can write your suggestions in our discord in the  suggestions forum. A massive thank you to the build team (iGoner, MakoMoud, Cheesemelt, MadiOtter, CozzaLAD and Alpenweide) for the fantastic work on the new spawn. There is a lot of content planned for the new map, so we hope to see you all online!

Pride Month Build Comp ends this Thursday - the 15th of June! Show us the things that make you proud to be you and you could have your build featured in spawn, as well as winning loads of other goodies! Make sure to check out the dedicated post on our Discord Forums and get your entries posted before the deadline so you don’t miss out! Our first winners for Fruitography have been announced on our Instagram! We will be announcing more winners throughout the month, so while you’re celebrating Pride Month with us be sure to take a few screenshots and post them in our dedicated Fruitography Discord Forum for your chance to win an exclusive Fruitography Chat Tag!

A lot of staff changes have happened after Enjin closed! Let’s get right into them!

★ Survival ★

Sadly on Survival we’ve had to say goodbye to the amazing ADMIN+ Demski. We thank her for everything she’s done over the past 8 years, the server won’t be the same without her. We also say a farewell to MOD+ vKingsGlaive, hope to see you around! Now some good news to lighten the mood. We welcome back BorisOZ to the team as MOD+! More exciting news as we see Simplidh who’s gone from MOD+ to the great orange rank, ADMIN! Last but not least, a huge congrats to Claudiaiia who’s gone from ADMIN to ADMIN+! Congrats guys!

★ Skyblock ★

Exciting news as we welcome Starlethe to the team as a T-MOD! Aswell as powdeeznuutz coming along for the fun role of EVENT-C! We saw FreyCake earn a shiny + next to his name, making him go from MOD to MOD+, congrats! Unfortunately with good news, there comes bad news. We say a farewell to ADMIN Seitanist666, we wish you luck on your future endeavors!

★ Prison ★

Starting Prison staff updates on a high! We are all ecstatic to welcome back Spleggeti to the Prison team as COM-M! However we have seen a few of our team resign this past month. Sadly we say farewell to BUILDER shivelry, MOD AllSignsPoint2 & ADMIN+ B3ast619, we thank them for everything they spent time on for the server, we miss you all already!

★ Pixelmon ★

More sad news as we say goodbye to MOD+ lilHebi, we thank them for the time they dedicated to the server, and wish them the best of luck going forward. Now onto the happy news shall we! We got to see _Raining go from T-MOD to MOD! We also got to say a warm welcome to PandaSquad26 for joining the team as a T-MOD & to ChickenJunior_1 for also joining the moderation staff as a T-MOD! Both have made their way to MOD, well done!

We are always on the hunt for new staff members for our moderating, event coordinator or builder teams, if you think you have something to offer why not put in an application via the discord by clicking HERE

Join us every night at 8pm AEST for our nightly events!

Check out this week's calendar for what games we will be playing.

Monday -

Pixelmon Event Night

Tuesday -

Prison Event Night

Wednesday -

Mob Soccer on Survival

Thursday - 

Skyblock Event Night

Friday -

Hide and Seek on Survival

Saturday -

Skyblock Pride Events

Sunday -

Prison Event Night

Congratulations to all this week's winners.

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Wedding bells are ringing for this week’s happy couples!























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I told you we’ve missed a lot! If you made it to the end in one piece, chuck us a #slay in #general!

~pow and the event team <3

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