'What a busy week its been'
Written by gabri3lla

Hello my Fruity little friends it is I.. the only Meower.. The iMeower :> here to bring you this week's Event Post!! So please.. I insist take a seat, grab a snack and enjoy the post!


On Wednesday Evening we had a blast tastic night filled with explosive fun!! Here are the winners from the night!

Round 1: Cahms

Round 2: DJ_Hai

Round 3: Cahms

Round 4: Whoviangamer10

Round 5: aVeryAussieGuy

Round 6: Whoviangamer10

Players had tons of fun and it was a great night overall!

Skyblock Obstacle Course

On Friday night we had our first EVER Skyblock Event!! It was a huge success and was lots of fun!! Thanks to the amazing Aphroditie for building the awesome Obstacle Arena and we hope the players had an enjoyable time!! Here are the winners from each round!!

Round 1:

1st: melongrip

2nd: Bopking

3rd: Ownige

Round 2:

1st: Whoviangamer10

2nd: teterine

3rd: SirNebula

Round 3:

1st: Dimbotron

2nd: Estherbunny

3rd: xLagoona

BONUS Round:

1st: SirNebula

2nd: Ownige

3rd: TheSilentKnight_

Meme of the Week

(I thought I would bring this section back into the Weekly post!)

So that’s all for last week folks, Let's make this week even better!!! I hope everyone had fun and is having an aMaZiNg day or night wherever you’re from! <3

iMeoww out!!!

End of Post.