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Why hello there fruits and fruitettes! It’s the Event-Co couple ‘Meloona’ here once again giving you this weeks xoxoGossipGikda with yet ANOTHER amazing weekly post, from us to you! Soo, sit back and chill, we have a fair bit to get into this week so lets hop right into it. Shall we? ~ We shall!



Number of players joined: 7592!

Currently 194% of the monthly goal!

Current top donator: VolcGames!


Number of players joined: 5875!

Currently 43% of the monthly goal!

Current top donator: Bloo!

Beyond The Bowl

This week, we saw the beloved Nousey complete his trial period on skyblock progressing to a fully pledged Moderator! We also saw Lessorno a member of skyblock staff be promoted to V-Mod and both of these fruitsters definitely deserved it! Moving along to survival as you will read a bit further along we have promoted ItsSquish & PearlescentMoon to builder, to help us all get things up to date which you will read shortly! On a final note we have also promoted __Chocolate__ to T-Mod! Chocolates dedication to the server has been so amazing and we cant wait to see alot more of it in the future. We congratulate all you new staff members and hope you all have an amazing time whilst in our fruity staff team!  Staff applications are open throughout the whole month, including builder! So if you think you have to Fruitilicious building skills, try your luck in applying!

Psssttt…. Happy Birthday to Ahtnamas80! She is happily celebrating her birthday today so if you see her around dont forget to wish her a happy happy birthday :)


On the 13th of July we had a few very exciting rounds of Musical Chairs in which you fruitsters all showed us your best dance moves in order to become victorious!  We had a total of 3 very upbeat rounds and lets here who won these rounds!

Round One: ZeBaccaPlayz             Round Two: Jussstin                Round Three: PearlescentMoon

On the 15th of July we had a slight change of plans and decided to play bingo instead! We had 5 fun filled rounds of bingo on this fine evening, which means.. 5 winners!? Yes! Lets give these flops some fame:

Round 1 ~ AmberGold_

Round 2 ~ Bulk_Bogan

Round 3 ~ Crytoon

Round 4 ~ Le_Commandant

Round 5 ~ ItsSquish

Fruity Messages

This week on Skyblock we have seen a Quests update from our amazing developer Geeky. Here is some features that have been added

Added Features For Players:

- Top Quest Completions command added: /queststop

- Prestige levels now reset when island is reset

- Prestige milestone rewards added

- View prestige milestone levels with the command /quests rewards

- View information about your current island type with /island info

- Items now removed from players after they complete quests

- Help button added to quests menu

- Skeleton slayer quests fixed

- Prestige level and points until next level added to quests menu

Some of these features may be buggy, So if you find an issue please contact me (Aph) on the website and let me know.  In the Coming weeks we will also be seeing another significant quests update. Stay tuned because the next update will be the best one yet!

In other news, Lessorno our new V-Mod  will he helping me with the trading card rewards so that means that I have updated the trading cards forum post to change some details. The most important update is that you will no longer need to send me mail ingame if i am not online.  Tickets will now need to be placed so that Lessorno and myself can both view  them. Please check out the forum post -> click here <- to find out the exact details.

Finally.. I am Going away on holiday from Wednesday the 20th and will be away for roughly 2 weeks. In this time I will be extremely inactive so please if i am needed, contact me via the website. I will stop in from time to time if i get a chance :)

<3 Aphroditie

Following up that flash news, we have some more very exciting news! The build team… well what about it? Its being revived, wooo hooooo, we have gladly put MistofDusk to the test of being the head of the build team and i can strongly tell you now that this will not be a mistake, Mist will take good care of our server when it comes to builds so dont stress! Now, surely you didnt think melongrip & ReddeadFlame31 could build everything on their own? We have two lovely new additions to the build team whos building skills are remarkable! ItsSquish & PearlescentMoon! These 2 have a great commitment, and lots of building experience and I cant wait to see this brand new and improved team in action! Be prepared to see many more magnificent builds as these fruity builders are going to work their little fruity butts off to get these builds perfect for all of you players!

~ MiniMelon & The Build Team!

Build Comp

This month we have decided to try something a little bit more different with the build competition.  Our competition will be judged a little differently, so stay tuned for the end of the month to find out how we will be judging it!

Theme ~ Free Choice!

Competition Rules

- Build must be finished by 30th July

- Players must work individually

- Build must be at least 70x70 at minimum (height not included)

- Build must be completed in the Creative world

- Do not build chestrooms,spawners,massive farms etc. We want creativity, not everyday things

- Only one entry per individual

- Keep redstone minimal if you have to use it

I want you to be creative and build me something that you have always wanted to build, or something out of a game you play,show you watch etc. The options are endless here . However… Keep in mind that builds that clearly lack effort will not stand much of a chance.

Notable Weddings

This week on fruit we saw some lovely little fruits tie the knot with their loved ones!


<3 MistOfDusk + Youngbloods <3

<3 Lusheyy + Jakeyy1998 <3

<3 PearlescentMoon + PepeKitty <3


<3 Ozzehh + Tr1umF <3

<3 Sprinklenotor + pineapplelover02 <3

<3 ausscraft + lilbet <3

<3 GlitzyCookie + GlitzyDonut <3

<3 deadshot900 + KnightHawk123123 <3

<3 Bulk_Bogan +  _DragonTamer_1 <3

Thats a rap!

Well sadly, yet again, this is the end of another weekly post! :c We hope you all really enjoyed the read and we would love to hear all of your fruity feedback to make these posts even better for you fruitloops! But of course, it wouldn’t be a weekly post without the screenshots and meme of the week! So lets jump right in!

Screenshots of the Week!

Survival: What a lovely wedding guest staring Youngbloods & MistofDusk! Photo Credit to EstherBunny!

Skyblock: FruitSelfie with Lessorno rocking the alex skin! Photo Credit to Lessorno!

Meme of the Week!

~ Meloonaa Out

End of Post.